Mini Keenu is The Surprise Star Of Sex Education Season 3

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

The fans of Sex Education went into its season 3 expecting or with utter surprise to fall in love with Moordale’s beauty but also the known mean girl. Ruby Matthews and our most loved protagonist, Otis whose real name is Asa Butterfield has fallen head over heels under her spell. But Otis can sometimes be a bit impulsive, his instincts were proven impeccable. When Ruby waltzed out of the finale as one of the season’s highlights.

She used to be a multi-faceted and hilarious character but she is no longer defined by her snobbery or shallow remarks. This development is entirely thanks to the actress Mini Keene. One of the hit Netflix dramedy’s most overlooked talents until now.

“I’m excited about this new element to Ruby, in the sense that you find out a lot more of who she is behind the bravado of, ‘I’m perfect. Everything in m life is brilliant. I’m better than you.” Keene explained in an interview with Glamour. “Otis helps her get open up.”

We can say that it’s Keens’s own intuition as an actress that makes Ruby, once a foil to Maeve’s whose real name is Emma Mackey, deadpan intellectualism, into a love interest of surprising emotional resonance. By the time episode 8 comes into the way, her relationship with Otis or rather, lack thereof, is one of the season’s most heart-wrenching developments.

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So the main hidden star of Sex Education season 3 is no other than our loved character Ruby a.k.a Mini Keene.

Keene born and raised?

The London-based actress has mostly spent her entire life in England. She grew up especially in Herefordshire it’s a country just north of the capital. The region is home to a million people and that place is best-known for the landmarks St. Albans Cathedral, which features some of the area’s most stunning architecture, which dates back to the 11 century and which was likely founded in the 8 century.

Keene studied at the renowned London performing arts school which has been in use for about 110 years as of now, from the year 2009 to 2014. Other well-known Alumni includes Noami Campbel, Russell Brand, Lesley Manville, Julianne Hough and Tracey Ullman. 

Mini Keene’s acting debut

Keene’s professional stage debut was in the 2010 play Kin, which was written about a girl’s boarding school in the year 1990s. Guardian theatre critic Michael Billington called the plot “ one of  the best arguments for state education I have come across.”

Keene also played the 10 years old Janey, an ironically Ruby-lite character with a rather alarming bullying streak. Billington wrote of the perfermance as “Mini Keene as Janey and Ciara Southwood as Mini, watched over by Annette Badland as a prospective teacher, are unnervingly good”

What do Mini and Ruby have in common?

Keene admits she and Ruby don’t share much in the way of personality traits, but they do share a sharp eye for fashion, especially when it comes to dressing up in unusual venues. “I like to dress up and wear heels in very inappropriate places, which Ruby loves to do as well,” Keene says. “That’s probably one of the most fun parts of playing her, and this season is no different. She has some incredible outfits.

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