Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Mank ‘will be David Fincher’s first film since’ Lost ‘, six years in which the filmmaker has not been present in theaters, but has been on streaming. Fincher began in 2017 the adventure of ‘Mindhunter’, a Netflix series that took advantage of the ‘boom’ of ‘true crime’ and gave it a new perspective: agents who do not go after new serial killers, but study acquaintances to understand how your mind works. All a critical success that seems that it will not continue beyond its two seasons.

One of the reasons, according to the creator in a very extensive interview in PHOTOGRAMS, is that he has finished completely exhausted. “‘ Mindhunter’ has been a full-time job that I’ve spent the last three or four years on,” he says of the series, which inherits the best aspects of some of his big-screen thrillers, from ‘Seven’ to ‘ Zodiac. ‘and quickly became one of the highest-rated on the platform. Even so, Fincher sentences to the misfortune of all his fans: “I doubt there will be a third season.”

“The tragedy of ‘Mindhunter’ is that its audience liked it, and a lot, that is why we have dedicated the effort that we have dedicated to it, thinking about them, but that effort entails costs: it was an expensive series, and I don’t think we will never reach the audience figures for other series like ‘House of Cards’, “he says, referring to one of the first and most successful Netflix original series, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

If ‘Mindhunter’ has definitively closed the door to a third season and the premiere of ‘Mank’ is just around the corner (also on Netflix), does this mean that Fincher returns to the feature film? Yes and no. After this experience in ‘streaming’, it seems that the filmmaker could combine the two formats.

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Regarding series, he already has some ideas on the table: “With a friend we are developing a musical, I am also working on an adult animation project, very, very adult … I also have ideas for films that can give I walk to a series, because I do not want to say that it is a huge and very expensive pilot that becomes a series: I like more to say that it is a film that launches us into a world that we can later exploit at will and get to know a lot better, in which characters that seem not secondary, but tertiary, can take the fore “. Fincher has learned that if a story takes eight hours to tell, you have to give it to him. The shows are the perfect place to do it and we can’t wait to see what comes out of up your sleeve.

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