Micki Learns The Truth About Emily On Walker Season 1, Episode 8

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Walker Season 1 is on a break, but we get an idea of what is to come. A tornado hits on Walker Season 1, Episode 8. Get ready for the new episode.

We’ll start with the bad news. As we mentioned lately, there is yet another hiatus. As a result of the pandemic and the winter storm, the show is behind in filming. That usually means a break is required, but we now know if the break will come to a conclusion.

Walker Season 1, Episode 8 will air on Thursday, April 8. That’s in less than three weeks. We can do this!

At least we know of something to expect when the show does return. Get ready for a tornado to strike Austin.

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Micki Learns The Truth About Emily On Walker Season 1, Episode 8

The tornado is certainly likely to be scary. It occurs while in the school dance, and Cordell is obviously going to need to protect them. We’ve seen how quickly he will rush into a predicament when his children are in trouble.

However, the rest of Austin will need him in precisely the exact same moment. He’ll have to help a number of them across the way.

At the exact same time, Liam lets the truth out. He will likely tell Brett something of the truth based on the fact he is now scared for his life, but Micki will even learn the truth. And she knows that her spouse should know that Liam and Captain James are looking into Emily’s murder.

More to the point, Cordell needs to know their lives are now at risk due to this. There is a much bigger problem happening. Most of us know how Cordell is going to respond to the news, but at least he’ll have his spouse by his side to get this one.

What do you hope to watch in Walker Season 1, Episode 8? What have you seen in the voucher? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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