Micheal B. Jordan starrer Creed III Crosses 100 Million, A Huge Blockbuster

Associated Press lauded Jordan's directing, calling it "a promising debut for the 36-year-old, who shows here that he'll never allow his own celebrity ego get in the way of a picture."

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Michael B Jordan with better-than-expected domestic and international box office debuts, “Creed III” has officially surpassed the $100 million mark globally. Michael B. Jordan made his directorial debut with the most current “Creed” movie, which grossed $58.7 million in North America and $41.8 million worldwide to become the trilogy’s most successful global opener.

Micheal B. Jordan starrer Creed III is a huge success

With a $75 million budget, “Creed III” is the most expensive film in the trilogy (the first two cost $35 million and $50 million, respectively), yet it is already performing well in theaters. In terms of global ticket sales, “Creed III” is exceeding 2015 original “Creed” by 109% and the 2018 sequel “Creed II” by 25%, according to the film’s global distributor, Warner Bros.


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France ($7.7 million), the UK ($6.1 million), Germany ($4.3 million), and Italy ($3.5 million) are the biggest overseas markets. It is now being screened in 75 key locations, with the exception of Japan, where its debut is scheduled for May 26.

Jordan plays the role of Adonis Creed in “Creed 3,” the son of boxing superstar Apollo Creed. The most recent chapter begins as Adonis manages his profession and family life. But, when his boyhood buddy and former boxing prodigy (played by Jonathan Majors) reappears after serving a lengthy jail sentence, the ex-friends decide to square off in the ring despite the fact that their futures are at stake. The script was written by Zach Baylin and Keenan Coogler.

“keeps the bar high,” says the famous movie reviewer Owen Gleiberman

The film “keeps the bar high,” according to Variety’s top movie reviewer Owen Gleiberman, and critic Lindsey Bahr of the Associated Press lauded Micheal B. Jordan, calling it “a promising debut for the 36-year-old, who shows here that he’ll never allow his own celebrity ego get in the way of a picture.”


On its third weekend of release, Disney’s Marvel adventure “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” brought in an additional $22 million abroad. Following the sale of those tickets, the overall and international totals rose to $420 million and $233 million, respectively. Although it is now the highest-grossing Hollywood film of the year, summer blockbusters like “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Fast X” will likely unseat it.

Micheal B. Jordan and his Anime connection

In its first weekend, Creed III has taken over theaters and broken several series records. It also has the greatest anime and manga tribute in Hollywood to date! There have been several live-action manga and anime adaptations produced in the past, but many of them have failed in some significant ways. There is only one apparently impossible mountain to climb when it comes to capturing the spirit of anime in a live-action setting, but it is surely not when taking into account how adeptly director Michael B. Jordan does so.


There are the obvious nods to his favorite anime films that Micheal B. Jordan has been emphasizing in the interviews leading up to the movie’s release, and this is extended even further with full-on cameos with Naruto and Lupin the 3rd posters seen in the room of young Adonis Creed. However, that is not where the tribute’s true heart lies. By successfully capturing the essence of an action anime, Creed III succeeds in its tribute to anime.

Anime Easter Eggs in the movie

Creed III captures a lot of what made the Rocky franchise so appealing. Creed III pulls a bit from Rocky III and Rocky V for its hybrid plot. When Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors), a boyhood buddy, is freed from jail and instantly wants a shot at the world championship title, Adonis Creed (director Michael B. Jordan) returns to the world of boxing. Yet, anime fans will quickly recognize it as very much its own thing, even if this is unquestionably congruent with any of the previous Rocky movies.

Action anime aficionados may point out that this topic of a brother who becomes the biggest enemy has appeared frequently, and the typical solution is that the hero character must kill them to save them from themselves. This is essentially the same situation, and that is just the narrative itself. There are several visual allusions to anime production in both the way Adonis must push past his own boundaries and the combat scenes (which prominently use close-ups of the eyes, fists, and slowdowns during dramatic strikes).

It’s a really moving tale that never once loses sight of Adonis’ struggle to become more open to his feelings in order to go to a higher “level,” if you will. This really shines through in the epic battle that pays homage to Jordan’s love of anime. It exudes the majesty of a titanic showdown between great foes, and the Dodger Stadium stage is the perfect size for it. Jordan then takes it a step further by enhancing this movie with these anime elements.

Dragon Ball reference as Micheal B. Jordan goes ‘Super Saiyan’

Adonis even gets his own “Super Saiyan” moment as he prepares for the final rounds while standing up during a ten count (the music starts at just the correct moment, you know that sensation anime aficionado). During the altercation, Adonis and Damian experienced minor instances of seeing younger versions of themselves; bigger cases involved seeing themselves in prison. Even if these are obvious, they do not by themselves make it a wonderful homage.


Creed III is a superb tribute to anime since it manages to remain a great movie while integrating all of these exaggerated characteristics. The biggest fault in adapting a manga or anime to the screen occasionally is that it never feels cartoonish in the way it employs its animation. Since the rest of the film’s storyline is based on its surroundings, it is acceptable to have these more dramatic scenes from the perspectives of Adonis and Damien.

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