MH370:The Plan That Disappeared streaming in Netflix with its different Conspiracy Theories

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
MH370 the plane that disappeared in on Netflix

The “MH370: The Plan That Disappeared” is a docuseries,  streaming on Netflix. It is a documentary based on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which just “disappeared in thin air” taking 277 passengers and 12 crew members with it. This incident is regarded as one of the most tragic and mysterious histories of aviation. The plan evaporated when Netflix released the documentary on the same day. It was on the 8th of March 2014 MH370 got completely out of sight. As well as on the 8th of March 2023 it is out for sight, for the public to see what had happened that night.


As shown in the Docuseries

The docuseries of “ MH370: The plane that Disappeared “ is divided into 3 episodes, and each episode begins with a voice-over. The first episode revolves around how and when the plane took off. Discussing the time durations and recreating some last glimpses of MH370. The second episode is all bout analyzing various conspiracy theories. The final episode contains heartbreaking interviews with the family member of the victims and aviation journalists. With some of the case reports on this unsolved tragic event.

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The first episode revolves around how and when the plane took off. Discussing the time durations and recreating some last glimpses of MH370.  We see in the documentary, at 12:41 am the MH370 leaves Lumpaur Internation Airport and heads toward Beijing China. It was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members on the plane. Suddenly at 1:07 am the data reporting system of the aircraft went off. Although the plane was on its route to Beijing, carrying 239. At 1:21 am the location and altitude transmitter of the plans also goes off.


As shown in the series, Subang Air Traffic Control reports that it has lost contact with MH370. Although the radar did pick up the plane’s final signal which was at 2:40. When the plane fled above Cau Mau province entering Vietnamese airspace. The plane that was supposed to land at Beijing International Airport at 6:30 a.m. did not arrive. Family members of MH370 passengers arrive at the airport at 11:00 a.m. anxious about their loved ones. As the aviation authorities inform them about the plane’s status.

Different Conspiracy theories about MH370

 One of the most controversial theories discussed was “ The Pilot”. According to aviation journalist Jeff Wise, it was the pilot of MH370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who was responsible for the plane’s disappearance or crash. As soon as the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur, Shah, the pilot made his co-pilot leave the seat so he could fly alone. Then he shuts the door and switched off all of the electronic devices that made the plane visible. Wise, exaggerates that Shah was in control by someone behind the mask as he kept on going. Shah hijacked the plane and kept on flying for another six hours. Until the fuel ran out and the plane crashed deep inside the ocean.


The second theory claimed by Mike Exner, an aviation expert, is the plane was hijacked by the Russians. Mike gives a possibility that there were some Russian passengers in MH370. These people might have taken control of the plane, switched off the equipment, and taken the plane to Kazakhstan.  As he says “It’s all based on fantasies, not reality.”

Another theory was explained by French Journalist Florence de Changy. Bringing into the spotlight the dispute between America and China. Changy hypothetically says that MH370 might have been carrying some cargo to China which seemed suspicious. It could have been some illegal item that was dangerous for the US or the world. The U.S. Surveillance found out about this troublesome cargo. To stop the plane from transporting the cargo to China. The US military had no choice but to cash the MH370 with a missile strike or mid-air collision.

The True Event

The Malaysian Airlines famously known as MH370 left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing but never reached. This event took the whole world by shock with numerous unsolved questions. On 8th March 2014 at 12:41 am, the flight carrying 239 people took off the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Within an hour after takeoff, the plane vanished from the sky leaving no trace. It looked all normal in the beginning but ended up being unnormal in the end.

An extensive search unit was led out for this case. For several months there was no sign of any clue. Finally, a piece of wreckage was discovered in the Indian Ocean after a year. A few bits were discovered in Tanzania and Madagascar after extensive searching. Still, the entire bulk was never found and the case remains a mystery. The search for MH370 was one of the most expensive searches costing $160 million. As the search for the missing plane continues various theories start coming up. Some made sense, some didn’t but nobody could conclude the mystery.

It has been nine years since this tragic event took place.  All these theories remain unclear with unsolved problems. Nobody knows what happen to MH370 and the people inside. The family members of the victims are still in pain and grief with thousands of unanswered questions. Malaysian Airlines and government are in fear and hope that this type of incident never takes place. And the entire world is in shock and curiosity “WHO” did the MH370: Plane Disappear?


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