Mentalist Nirbhik Datta Stuns Audiences at BMW Fest in Cuttack

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Nirbhik Datta

The BMW Fest is a customized platform designed for current BMW customers and potential buyers to directly experience the exceptional performance, agility, and robustness of BMW’s renowned xDrive technology. Recently, BMW hosted an exclusive launch event for the BMW IX1 in Cuttack. The event commenced at 8:15 p.m. and concluded at 11:15 p.m., providing attendees with a night filled with excitement and innovation.

Several renowned personalities including Jaydeep Kundu, Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, Debraj Saha, and a few BMW customers graced the event with their august presence. The event was organized to felicitate the owner of the IXI series, Cuttack. The event started with Nirbhik Datta performing some of his incredible mentalism effects for the audience.

From enlightening the audience by guessing the correct ATM pin to correctly deducing a person’s name, he made the audience gaga. Apart from this, he also forecasted the sum of a series of random numbers provided by the audience, even after they had made various mathematical operations such as addition and multiplication.

In another impressive demonstration of his skills, Nirbhik accessed a Wi-Fi network to reveal a random thought. Furthermore, he invited an audience member to think of a food brand, and to their astonishment, he made all available Wi-Fi networks display the food brand they had in mind, which, as it turned out, was Amul.

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Sharing his experience, Nirbhik Datta stated, “This performance is something different from my usual routine, where I’m generally booked for either stage shows or walkaround acts. In this instance, I blended both stage and walkaround elements to provide a more versatile experience, suitable for various events, including product launches, and adaptable to different audience sizes and preferences. I’ve had the privilege of performing for notable companies like BMW, Google, Nissan, and Bajaj”.

About Nirbhik Datta

Nirbhik Datta, undoubtedly a master of his craft in the world of mentalism, often left audiences enthralled with his captivating performances. Over the years, he has graced some of the most prominent corporate events including a performance for Railway Minister Nitin Gadkari and a show-stopping appearance at the Bajaj Allianz event in Shillong and showcasing the boundless potential of the human mind at the esteemed Cyber and Data Security Summit. With his exceptional talent,  Nirbhik Datta stands as a luminary in the realm of mentalism, consistently amazing and igniting the audience with his limitless potential of the human mind.

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