Meet Zain Ullah: The British Actor That Stars in the Latest Horror Film

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins
Zain Ullah Filming on Set With Famous Actor Adam Thomas

The star is known for his first ever role in the drama ‘100% British: No Foreigners Here’ in 2014.

IMDb has been used to release the trailer for its latest actor which puts Zain Ullah, a British Pakistani and actor, alongside a cast that includes some of the United Kingdom biggest names.

Zain Ullah
Zain Ullah Travelling to Islamabad to Meet the President of ICCI Pakistan

Zain Ullah will star alongside Archie Clarke & another major actor from the UK film franchise in the upcoming film.

The young British actor first made a proper name for himself when he starred in the film ‘Moor’ in 2015 which won 5 nominations & 1 nomination for the Oscar.

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The movie was selected by way of a secret ballot and was the overwhelming film of choice of the committee members. As per standard practice, films selected by each individual country’s Academy selection committee are submitted to the Academy for screening, short listing and voting with official Oscar nominees announced at a later date.

The actor also makes an appearance in series Dil Nawaz & Chalawa which was recently released in the past 2 years.

As well as this Zain Ullah will also be traveling to Iraq and then to Palestine to film an award winning documentary which is to be released to Amazon Prime. Zain Ullah has already made a name for himself in the UK film industry.

So who exactly is Zain Ullah ?

Zain Ullah is a British actor known for the Netflix film ‘Moor’ in which he first appeared alongside Shaz Khan and Sonya Hussyn. He is also a family member of the President of ICCI Pakistan. Zain is also an upcoming director and voice-over artist known for the war documentary which is filmed in the Iraq war zone called ‘Life After War: Iraq’ which is now set to air on British television in December 2023 .

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