Meet The Young And Admirable Businessman Mr. Gaurav Gogoi

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Gaurav Gogoi

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.” –Conrad Hilton

Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows for many individuals but still, they manage to make their lives worthwhile. Success demands unwavering determination and the grit to face challenges head-on. No matter how many times you fail, the hunger for success should not subside. Mr. Gaurav Gogoi is a young and admirable businessman who was able to touch the zenith of success at an early age. His trusted tools were perseverance and a stern desire to prove himself, which helped him after he took control of his father’s business.

Gaurav Gogoi had a childhood that most kids dream of but his teenage years were the worst phase of his life. He lost his father Mr. Satya Gogoi in 2017 when he had barely learned about the nuances of managing a business. Gaurav Gogoi completed his high school and senior secondary education from NIOS after which he opted for the course of ethical hacking. He also holds a certificate for Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management from the reputed National Stock Exchange. His father laid the foundation of the GSR corporate group and took it to significant heights with his entrepreneurial skill-set. GSR group began as an associate construction company and expanded into multiple industries including textile, construction, mining, and technology.

The abrupt demise of Mr. Satya Gogoi was heartbreaking for Gaurav and his mother, Mrs. Rijumoni Gogoi. Gaurav lost his anchor and mentor in life and wasn’t aware of the nuances of business. He and his mother slowly resuscitated the family business and made significant efforts to branch out to other profitable industries as well. Gaurav Gogoi slowly became adept in the nuances of business management and operations and gained responsibility for many high-stakes projects. He recently was awarded the project titled Profit Brahmaputra and became an active shareholder in Purvashi Oil and Gas Limited that in an attempt to revive the Assam economy. He recently partnered with Royal Swag, an ayurvedic cigarette brand, and Swosh, which is an ayurvedic cosmetic product brand.

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Mr. Gaurav Gogoi extended his business services in multiple industries. Currently, he runs Matrix Media which is a digital marketing and web solutions firm, DLT E-sport which is a reputed brand in the eSports industry, and Assam Agri which promotes organic farming and helps rural farmers to maximize their crop yield. With the extensive efforts of Gaurav Gogoi, the GSR corporate group recently acquired stakes in Supdiam Gold and Diamond SL limited Colfi Technologies, and Lavoodle India Private limited. The corporate group has recently launched an investment firm to promote startups and nurture the future of our country.

I Gaurav Gogoi is a self-made businessman who learned the caveats of business and leadership the hard way. He didn’t have any mentors and every decision was a life-changing decision. He managed to brave it all and is an inspiration to everyone in the business industry who aims to make it big someday.

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