Meet the men behind Gyan Infinet Rutvik Jadvani and Pratik Solanki

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Gyan Infinet Co-Founders Rutvik Jadvani and Pratik Solanki

Despite their ages (21), the Co-Founders Rutvik Jadvani and Pratik Solanki are some of the flourishing YouTubers of India. Their official YouTube channel Gyan Infinet offers short mini-videos about Startups, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Advertisements, and various Brandings. On Instagram, they currently have 121k followers and 85 million views. Their main goal is to spread information about emerging startups and their unique ideas among India’s youth.

After continuously working since June 2022: they currently have 14k Subscribers. Gyan Infinet provides exclusive short movies/videos about the unique ideas of current major Startups including brands like Nike, TATA, Ola, Haldiram’s, Country Delight, and many more.

They’ve started gaining popularity from their latest case study mini-video about Amit Jain Shark Tank India SEASON 2 CarDekho Group. In the video, they’ve elegantly portrayed modern and engaging content. Till now the video has got 533k views, over a month. One of the main goals of their social media channels is to inform people about unique concepts that can be both informative and educational.

Gyan Infinet was started by Rutvik Jadvani and Pratik Solanki in the month of June 2022. Rutvik handles the Topic Research and Scripting part and Pratik handles the Designing And Video Editing part, now they have a total team of 6 people.

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Along with their team, they are planning to bring case studies of small/big companies and stories about successful entrepreneurs. Intend to bring case studies of small and large businesses, as well as stories about successful entrepreneurs, with their team of six members. They also intend to make short films about the inspiring stories of today’s entrepreneurs. They are also planning to offer graphic design and video editing services.

Due to high growth rates and other factors, India has recently become a hub for Startups. They want to raise awareness of startups and entrepreneurship among young Indians. They are also excited to work with big and small brands, as well as their success stories. The next project they are working on is the Top 10 Small Startup Awards. Which will feature brands and their unique concepts and ideas.

To those who are attempting to break the clutter, the team says, “Consistency, level of content, and improvising is the main thing.”

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