Meet the founder of Wealth Mantra Official, Mr. Vivek Mishra, A Successful share market Strategist

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Vivek Mishra

Many people know Vivek Mishra through his Telegram Channel “Wealth Mantra Official”, where he shares all the Important news throughout the day along with charts of Fundamentally strong companies at Important levels.

Vivek Mishrastarted his journey in 2017 when he newly joined share market with a passion to learn about Stock chart and study fundamentally strong companies to invest in.

He Shares “When I joined share market in 2017 after my Graduation with a passion to learn about different chart patterns, which affects the price of shares I usually wonders where to buy and where to sell to maximise my profit. Soon after studying various books, I learnt that It is not Important where to buy and where to sell, rather it is important what to buy and what to avoid”.

Vivek Mishra

Vivek Mishra, who is currently working with TEAMOLOGY SOFTECH AND MEDIA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED as an Account Executive love to share his technical analysis skills through his telegram channel. Because of his commerce background Vivek also has a strong grip on fundamental analysis of companies. Currently he and his team planning to open a smallcase fund through which they can help the retailers to maximise their wealth.

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Below are few more tips that he shared with us for every newcomer in the market:

  • “Be in game, rather waiting outside for your turn” means stay invested in every market condition through direct share purchase or through SIP.
  • Whenever SIP gives negative return, Top up your SIP.
  • Never Invest in Downtrend stocks.
  • Always go with the market leader. (e.g., Pidilite, HUL, ITC, Asian Paints etc.)
  • Never Invest in Airline Sector and telecom Sector.
  • Search new sectors which can grow in future (e.g., Home Innovation- SHILRUSHIL)
  • Invest most of your money (30-40%) in FMCG and IT Sector.
  • Never try to predict the market.
  • Never try to catch a falling knife.
  • Buy fundamentally strong stocks (TCS, INFY, ASIAN PAINTS etc) in downtrend.

Vivek Mishra also manages large portfolios of different client’s which he has gained through his hard works.  Vivek has very sharp knowledge of various charts patterns, a knowledge which he has acquired through his hard work and five years of experience. We have gone through his telegram channel, where we have found that the stocks, he suggests are fundamentally sound and the levels he recommend are technically excellent. Many of his followers have made huge profit by following him on his Telegram Channel “Wealth Mantra Official”. We are one of those.

As we made a deep dive about Vivek Mishra, we found that he runs this telegram channel just to educate general people about the share market who knows nothing about it. He along with his team doing a noble job for share market newcomers. We got in touch with Mr. Vivek Mishra by commenting on his telegram channel. You can do the same If you have any queries about a particular stock. He usually replies within a minute.

I am personally a great admirer of his technical skills. The levels he suggests are out of box. He has a different set of Technical Skills. Below are recent suggestion by Vivek Mishra on his telegram channel “Wealth Mantra Official”:-

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank: 1700 to 1850
  • Tube Investment: 1500 to 2354
  • Havells: 1111 to 1276
  • Voltas: 977 to 1064
  • GNFC: 622 to 675
  • Pidilite: 2110 to 2330

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