Meet Sankalp Yadav Passionate And Young Self Made Digital Entrepreneur

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Sankalp Yadav

Sankalp Yadav – a youngest entrepreneur and a tech boy of Uttar Pradesh. He currently lives in Etawah and is doing his studies and pursuing 12th . He was born on 22 Aug 2004. His father’s name is Santosh Kumar Yadav. He started his business when he was 14 years old and started working and learning when he was in 8th and was just 13 years old. Right now he is working on and he wants to build his company and help many people out there by providing employment to them.

AMBITION IS THE PATH OF SUCCESS . PERSISTENCE IS THE VEHICLE YOU ARRIVE IN. When he was in 7th he started exploring new things on youtube and on the internet. He started his youtube channel when he was in 8th and gained many subscribers and views over there. He had a tech youtube channel where he used to upload tech videos. He got inspired by MY SMART SUPPORT youtube channel and gained a lot of inspiration from that channel and dreamt of appearing there as a successful digital marketer.  He was inspired to become somebody his family would be proud of. He was motivated and filled to the brim  with newfound inspiration. Sankalp had stumbled upon his ticket to success and his goal in life. In his initial days he faced a lot of difficulties like lack of his parents’ support. but he never gives up and keeps his determination towards his work. He was a hard worker who has worked hard to get here as a successful entrepreneur. He is also certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google unlocked.

He achieved success at a very young age of 17. He worked in this field for more than 3+ years and too much experienced young entrepreneur. At this age teens are busy in playing and chatting on social media. But he changed his life and made his own identity by spending his precious time working and learning. Sanklap  has also managed 10+ celebrities social media accounts. He earned his first revenue by selling apps ,providing articles to other web developers and many more small things for the starting of his own business. Then he started blogging and started writing blogs and after that he created his own website in 2017 which gained a lot of traffic and he got more motivation for making money then he continued in the same way and tried to expand his ideas and his business with his sharp business skills.

Great things never come from comfort zones.

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He told us that whatever he has now is just by sacrificing . Whatever we do today affects our tomorrow as he sacrificed his comfort for doing something different from others so that he can create his comfort tomorrow. Nobody can get successful just by laying and wasting time .

He also marked the Paul Barron’s words that he never misused social media by chatting, stalking and other things which nowadays people do just for their time pass . he took the advantage of social media and time  and he used it as idea generator  and studied the human psychology by studying their interests for bringing up the content over on social media platforms according to their interests and started making money .

He’s also an ads manager and mastered in seo he brushed up his skills and applied his uniques idea in the field of digital marketing.

“If we face the truth, we know that content marketing is about making money.”

  He said that your uniqueness only defines you . If you follow others’ content then you’ll be able to make a little money but not be able to make your own identity. He has always tried to improve his skills and his content with his ideas.

Sankalpyadav is a great motivation for us as he’s doing entrepreneurship at this young age and has a very successful personality.

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