Meet Muhammad Adil Mirza: The Synonym of Hardwork and Success

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Healthcare is one of the major sectors that is expanding everyday. World is witnessing unprecedented technological advancements and has imprinted its sign on almost every field. Moving along with the advancement is the need of the hour, and taking the medical sector along with the evolving technology is a task. In to this scenario does men like Muhammad Adil Mirza enter as a blessing. He is a man of pure passion, dedication and hardwork and has emerged as one of the successful entrepreneurs, while serving millions out in the world.

Muhammad Adil Mirza is the founder and CEO of Phoenix group of Companies based at Dubai. They are healthcare channel partners, and supply medical essentials to various healthcare centers. Adil wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age. He grew up watching his brother sweating out and becoming a successful businessman, and drew inspiration from him.

He began his journey in the entrepreneurial world by joining his family business with his brother, in the supply of pharmaceuticals and surgical disposables to different hospitals in and around Karachi. He developed greater interest and learned better about the working of the system. Meanwhile he completed his degree. They established their first company, Universal Enterprises in the year 1988, under the leadership of his brother. And thus he arrived at the decission to start his own venture in UAE and CIS countries.

Today he is the owner and head honcho of five different companies and one of the major distributors to various healthcare domains at UAE. The Phoenix group has many other companies working under it like the Allmed FZCO, Phoenix Medicines LLC, Avenue 80 Marketing and Management LLC, Future Mattress & Furniture Factory LLC etc. All of these companies are developed for advancement of the medical sector, and thereby the betterment of the patients. They ensure that the health sector receives the best of the available facilities, and is thriving everyday to make them better and advanced. They have their own offices in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, Oman and Tajikistan apart from the head office in UAE.

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