Meet India Technocrat Jitender Goswami Founder of SMMPackage

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Jitender Goswami

Social media is changing the world, and we are witnessing it. With the onset of a pandemic as petrifying, spine-chilling, and dreadful, we saw a sharp rise in the need for digital space and platform for almost everything- from classes to shopping and communication. Being often believed, that traditional marketing talks ‘at’ people, while digital marketing talks ‘with’ them.

Further, Theodore Roosevelt believed, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” We are no new to the challenges that need to be vanquished when you choose to follow your passion. The most common one, in the professional world, is transitioning from a well-paying 9 to 5 job and venturing out into the entrepreneurial world.

An eminent name in the field of digital marketing, Mr. Jitender Goswami, worked his fingers to the bone, and went an extra mile, to pursue his dreams of engraving his name in the list of successful entrepreneurs. But dreams won’t work, unless we do, this was imbibed in his mind as he embarked on a journey, of setting up his own company, and even after quite a few failures, he kept his faith strong enough, and never lost hope.

Starting off as an affiliate marketer, followed by network marketing, stock trading, as well as working for a reseller- and that’s when it struck him, that if his passion can make a company skyrocket, then why can he not use it for a company of his own. This gave birth to the idea of SMMPackage- one of the highest-rated digital marketing companies in India today.

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Established in January 2020, SMMPackage has already set its foot in various countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Bangkok, England, and Russia. Catering to world-famous clients, and having monetized more than a hundred YouTube channels, the journey of SMMPackage has been no less than a rollercoaster ride. Mr. Jitender worked on his website along with his job, when people would’ve merely labeled him as another business fanatic hoping to replicate some billionaires, but his hard work and perseverance were coupled with learning and knowledge that helped him.

Hailing from Fatehabad, a small town in Haryana, having no family linkages in the field, Mr. Jitender is a visionary and has already widened his avenues by offering a variety of services through his establishment, namely, social media marketing and optimization, Facebook and YouTube monetization, SEO, Google ads, website design, and traffic management, and content writing. The best thing about SMMPackage is that transparency is always ensured, and open communication is maintained between the clients and the company.

It has always been the belief of Mr. Jitender, that the amount of risk is directly proportional to the gain. His story is quite inspiring and can stir up the passion for entrepreneurship in the minds of young entrepreneurs who may be afraid to take chances in life. But, taking risk doesn’t mean being impulsive- it involves a huge amount of research and skill development, which is conspicuous in this case, as it took Mr. Jitender learning new skills and analyzing the business prospects in the field which yielded such fruitful results. To conclude, a true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.

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