Meet Delhi-based entrepreneurs, Keshav Dutt and Hani Goyal who rightly prove that grades don’t matter

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Interviewer PR

For most of us, a college or a university degree from a top-tier institute safeguards our prospects of a promising career. But is it true? While nobody can diminish the importance of education and good grades, it is also equally true that the same is no longer a singular yardstick to measure someone’s success or failures.  Many entrepreneurs of today are either college dropouts or have opted for a career completely different from what they have studied or had even become successful entrepreneurs by graduating from a local college. A quick scan through the list of successful entrepreneurs will present us some very popular names who started with nothing but stand at the heights of their business success today. With our knowledge of technological know-how and its accessibility at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to develop a product or solution if you have the right idea in place and use it to reach out to your potential customers.

Two such Delhi-based entrepreneurs who have made a mark in the digital marketing industry without having a formal degree but with their knowledge and skills developed through in-depth research are Keshav Dutt and Hani Goyal. Both Keshav and Hani completed their higher education in engineering. While Keshav started his career as an Assistant professor, Hani started working as a research engineer for organizations like HCL and Wipro. However, both of them felt a deadlock in their career and wanted to pursue a different vocation using technology to create an impact. This gave Keshav the idea of starting a digital marketing company for small businesses. However, the initial hurdle started with a lack of knowledge about the industry, its technical know-how, and for that matter even an education degree in the field. As they quit their respective jobs, both of them decided to start working in the field to explore and gain practical knowledge. And as Albert Einstein rightly puts it, “the only source of knowledge is experience”, both Keshav and Hani realized how their experience in the industry helped them understand the complexities of the field. 

Keshav developed his skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Promotion, Technical Support, Google Adwords while Hani focused more on the development of technology and software that would yield better ROI for potential customers.

For both of them, it was not an easy start towards the realization of their goals. With no financial or family support the way ahead was challenging. It was the passion and the motivation to create immersive experiences for consumers and clients by blending innovation, strategy, and analysis that encouraged them to take the leap of faith. Focussing on their strength and experience of the international market, especially the US, they started building their clientele. Their aggressiveness and passion to create customized marketing solutions cost-effectively enabled them to land clients in the NUTRA industry across the countries of the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Latin American countries. The team which started with just Hani and Keshav in 2019 expanded to 30 employees by 2021 with over 70+ clients. 

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As an emerging digital marketing firm, My Media Dreams offers services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), online reputation management (ORM), lead generation, and content development.

With just a year into business, the organization suffered a major setback during the COVID 19 pandemic. Although the lockdown affected the attrition rate of the growing clientele base, the combined efforts of the team and the visionary leadership of both Keshav and Hani stood the ground of the testing times. The leadership team started to reimagine the organization’s vision of bridging the gap during the pandemic lockdown and make brands/services reach out to a large audience sitting at home with a single tap of a finger. Today, the organization stands with a story of its steady growth over the last two and a half years.

According to Hani, the digital marketing industry is growing at a faster pace as compared to traditional marketing. For him, “when a digital marketer promotes a business online it is his job to give his all to create a demand for the product or service of the client. It is not enough to know the tricks of the trade but also important to be able to experiment and execute it practically to create the right impact. There is no set formula on what strategies work for a client. Every customer has different needs and requirements. Hence any agency which works for small businesses must continuously keep trying out different methods until their outcome is as expected”.

As an organization that is continuously striving to grow, My Media Dreams envisions a $1M/year turnover in the next 5 years with the expansion of offices in the US and UK along with establishing its in-house e-commerce brand in multiple countries.

According to Keshav, “there is no substitute to hard work and the pandemic has rightly taught us never to take things for granted. Hence our research team is continuously working to develop innovative tools and strategies that will help our customers realize their ROIs”.

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