Mattel Company ‘Barbie’ Unveils First Doll With Down Syndrome

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

It is the most well-known doll brand in the world, and now Mattel has introduced a Barbie with Down syndrome in a first for the world. To broaden the variety of its dolls in recent years. Mattel will include the doll in its 2023 Barbie Fashionistas collection. Barbie and Ken’s dolls come in a variety of ethnicities, physiques and hair types, genders, and physical abilities in the fashionistas line. The toy manufacturer collaborated with the US National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to produce the doll with Down syndrome.

syndrome barbie doll

What are the special characteristics of the doll?

Due to the partnership, important characteristics like the doll’s sculpting. Which has a short body and a larger torso, are accurate representations of people with Down syndrome. Other distinguishing characteristics of the doll include a rounder-shaped face, smaller ears, and a flat nasal bridge. The eyes on the face are almond-shaped, slightly slanted, and have white dots in the iris.

first doll with down syndrome

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The doll is accessorized with a blue and yellow frock with puffed sleeves. It is the official color of Down syndrome awareness. Additionally, she comes with a pink pendant necklace with three upward chevrons. To symbolize the three copies of the 21st chromosome. Representing the genetic component responsible for the traits linked to Down syndrome.

mattel barbie doll

One of the most frequent requests from customers, according to Kim Culmone, head of design for Barbie at Mattel, has been for a doll with Down syndrome. It was a privilege to collaborate with Barbie on the Barbie doll with Down syndrome, according to NDSS CEO Kandi Pickard. For the first time, members of our community can play with a Barbie doll that resembles them, which has enormous significance.

Kmart, Target, and Big W will sell the Down syndrome-affected Barbie Fashionista doll. It will cost $13 and be available for purchase starting on April 26.

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