Marvel Reveals That Not Everyone Knows How Venom Works

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

At the Marvel King in Black event, information about the Venom symbiote is given in a curious and fun way.
Attention SPOILERS of the Marvel comic King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes # 1 by Matthew Rosenberg, Juan Ferreyra and Joe Sabino. Where Knull the god of symbiotes has covered the Earth in darkness, causing heroes and villains to work together to prevent him from taking over the planet forever.

Knull’s plan is working out perfectly, as Marvel’s most powerful teams have tried to cope and have failed. But that doesn’t stop the Kingpin from assembling his own team of villains to deal with the cosmic monster, as he reunites the Thunderbolts again to patrol the symbiote-filled streets.

The Kingpin team is filled with a surprising group of villains, including Star, Rhino, Batroc, Taskmaster, and Mister Fear.
After fighting for the liberation of the planet they only get that there are many casualties and that Rhino leaves the team of Marvel villains. But when the group comes across a symbiote that Taskmaster quickly cuts in half, Batroc expresses surprise that there is a man inside the symbiote and when they tell him “it’s like Venom.” So he responds surprised: “Is there a man inside Venom?”.

Taskmaster proceeds to tell Batroc how a symbiote came to Earth and how a “brother” named Eddie Brock is now hosting it. Batroc responds again in a funny way, this time saying “Venom is Spider-Man’s clothes. ” You are not technically wrong. Spider-Man wore the suit first and brought the symbiote to Earth and after he got rid of it Eddie became Venom.

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This conversation makes perfect sense, as some of Marvel’s heroes and villains are unfamiliar with the process of hosting symbiotes. Since they should only know if they have hosted or fought Venom and seen him transform. Considering how alien creatures can change their appearance, it’s understandable that Batroc thought they were just aliens from the deepest, darkest place in the Marvel Universe.

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