Marvel Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Official Trailer out, things you missed

Zafeer Khan
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The Marvel Phase 5 hype train has officially left the station because they just dropped a brand-new trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. There is a lot to break down. So this was the trailer that Marvel really needed and what it did is it proved that this is going to be the most crucial MCU movie. When we’ve gotten so far in regards to the greater Multiverse Saga, this trailer starts off by leaning into the emotional core of this story. Which has always been the relationship between Scott and his daughter Cassie. Now post Infinity war and Endgame, Scott is finally dealing with the fallout of not having been there for Cassie as she grew up without him.

How Kang is the perfect villain for this Marvel movie

I don’t know if Marvel ever planned to do Kang before they made the Endgame because he is such a perfect villain in this movie. Simply because the central plot of this film is the concept of time and not having enough of it. If you look at Scott and Cassie. Scott wishes he had more time to see his daughter grow up and be there for her. If you look at Hope, Hank, and Janet they want more time together. As Janet was trapped in the quantum realm for so many years. Hope grew up without her mom Hank continues to go through right without Janet. So the entire Ant-Man family wants more time and that’s what Kang can give them.


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Kang comes in hot entering this trailer wearing his iconic helmet from the comics. This is genuinely one of the best MCU adaptations in terms of comic book accuracy look-wise to live-action. Now, this trailer established that Scott has a problem. He lost soo much time with his daughter Cassie and here comes the solution. Kang conqueror as he says the line “I’m the one man who can give you precisely what you want… time”

Marvel fans with their theories

I think Scott is going to have to go to a part of the quantum realm that no one else can go to. In order to retrieve something for Kang. There’s one shot of Scott and Kang overlooking the side of a building. It looks very dangerous and then there’s another shot of what looks like Scott diving into a part of the quantum realm. That looks very dangerous. Now one thing we’ve seen in both trailers is the scene of Kang proposing a deal to Scott.

Now if Kang truly didn’t need Scott’s help, Kang would not be helping Scott. So I think, the overall Journey for Scott is going to be going to the quantum realm. To retrieve something for Kang. Maybe it’s his time chair, or maybe it’s something for his time chair. Once Kang has his time chair, he betrays Ant-Man, betrays Scott and that’s where we see the trailer really start to heat up. In the trailer, Scott says we had a deal.

Scott and Kang team up, and Kang will betray

So it’s very clear at this point that Scott has done everything that Kang has asked them to. Now Kang isn’t going to give Scott the time that he wants with his daughter. He’s probably not going to send them home at the end of the day. Kang is just here for himself and Scott is gonna have to find that out the hard way. That leads into the massive part of the trailer, where we see Kang and Ant-Man going at it tearing each other apart and it’s getting crazy. As Scott is practically getting beaten to death. He says this line which is the line of the trailer for me, “I don’t have to win we both just have to lose”. Let’s be real guys we all know Kang is here to stay.


End of the Ant-Man trilogy?

The tagline for this Marvel movie is freaking “Witness the beginning of a new Dynasty”. So this is truly just the beginning. This movie is setting up the future. It’s also closing out the Ant-Man Trilogy. Of course, we’re gonna get to see more Kang but, when it comes to Scott, I think this would be such a heroic moment for Scott to make that sacrifice play. We all know we’re gonna see more of Kang. But for Scott to sacrifice himself in order to interfere with Kang’s plans. Save his daughter and the people he loves most. It would be one of the most heroic deaths in the entire MCU. It’s interesting because when it comes to this movie, our heroes can’t necessarily win.


As again Kang has a future Kang, but Kang can lose, and if Scott is the reason that happens, I think that would be such a beautiful moment to not only close up the Ant-Man trilogy but to close out Scott’s story in such an impactful way. Scott already saw what Thanos did to the universe and now he’s presented with an enemy who’s an even bigger threat. So I find it interesting that Scott is going to be that first line of defense for the inevitable which is the Kang Dynasty at one point. In the trade, we also got a shot of an entire Army of Ant-Man and I think this is the part of the quantum War Kang sent Scott in order to retrieve whatever Kang is after.

Finally, this trailer concludes in a super badass way. Kang walks forward fully suited up. He’s just enraged and he lets out this scream and he lets out his energy blasts and it’s just what this movie is.

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