Mardaani 3: Rani Mukherjee gave a big update on ‘Mardaani 3’, said this about the film


Rani Mukherjee has been continuously entertaining people in Bollywood since the 90s till now on the basis of her talent. She will soon be seen in the ‘Mardaani 3’, an installment of her hit crime thriller franchise Mardaani. He himself has given this information. The actress shared a big update about this film and told many important things.

Big update on ‘Mardaani 3’

She told that due to the huge success of Mardaani 2, Mardaani 3 is going to be made. The actress shared, “Right now, the movie is just a spark of imagination, waiting to ignite!” Once YRF has a great and solid story idea, Mardaani 3 will move into the scripting stage. I’m excited to see how Mardaani 3 shapes up.

Let us tell you that in 2014, Rani Mukerji surprised people by playing the role of Shivani Shivaji Roy, a strong police officer in Mardaani. This was YRF’s first adult certificate film. This film proved to be successful at the box office. After this film, its sequel Mardaani 2 came in 2019 and it achieved even bigger success than the prequel.

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What Rani Mukerji said about the film

Rani Mukerji confessed, “Taking on Mardaani 2 made me anxious because it was my first time diving into a sequel.” I was thinking how will this happen? Because every time a film ends, I leave my characters behind. I didn’t know at that time whether I would be able to reprise that character. With Mardaani 2, I was surprised that I enjoyed reprising that part. So now I have tasted blood. So now I want to do this character again in the third part.”

Rani emphasized, “For me as an actor, it’s not just about choosing a film that appears appealing on the surface.” We should do a film when the script is good and when we want to make a film that is going to bring change. yes.” She said, “If the story doesn’t have that guts then we can’t make Mardaani 3. It should be something that people today connect with, girls find it empowering. Only then can we make Mardaani 3. It shouldn’t be done just because Because, it sounds exciting. So I am hoping that if they can come up with a really good script, I would just love to work on it. On the work front, Rani was last seen in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway.


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