Mar Tarres, Argentine Plus Size Model, Adds Her Voice Against The Discrimination Suffered By Sofia Ortiz

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

More voices join the rejection of the discrimination that Sofía Elizabeth Ortiz Andrada experienced in an Argentine bowling alley.

Until a few days ago, the name of Sofía Elizabeth Ortiz Andrada went from being forging a career as the first plus-size model in Tucumán, in Argentina, to a victim of discrimination during her visit to a bowling alley in Playa Grande, in Mar del Plata.

The model shared with different local media the experience she had when she visited that establishment with her group of friends. And is that while her companions were allowed access quickly, she was left outside without further explanation.

According to Sofía, the person in charge of the entrance told her to wait because she had to check if there was still space. After more than 30 minutes, she said, the subject put lock after lock on her until she realized that she would not be admitted because of her image.

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“When I realized what was happening, I started to cry and I got super bad,” he said.

What happened to the 24-year-old did not go unnoticed by other Argentine plus-size models, such as Mar Tarrés, who recounted the conversation she had with Sofía about this case, which, she explained, happens too often.

“I barde myself in the networks with everyone for this issue, that I have been asking not to be discriminated against, and there are people who brand me as ‘ah, you are the one who is going to make a fuss at the bowling alleys’. No, I what I want is for a girl like Sofía not to have this happen again, to me or to your children, “he said.

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