Manish Chandra, the Tech Entrepreneur Who Brought Revolution in Train Food

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Manish Chandra, the Tech Entrepreneur

If you are a train traveler, you must be aware of the food-tech company RailRestro, which serves healthy and hygienic meals on trains. Maybe you have even ordered a meal on the train from its e-catering app or website. This year in September, the company is celebrating 7 years of delivering happiness on trains safely and hygienically.

But are you aware of the brain that is behind this tech startup that made getting food on Indian Railways easy and convenient? Meet Manish Chandra, the one who revolutionized train food services and enhanced each passenger’s travel experience.

Manish Chandra – The Man BehindRailRestro 

Manish Chandra is a Patna-based businessman who started RailRestro in 2015 to transform the food services on the train. Today, the founder of multiple e-companies under the Yescom Group of Companies. He is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and solution-oriented person. Born in Patna, Bihar, received recognition from the startup India drive of the Government of India for launching RailRestro, an e-catering company.

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Since the Indian Railways is one of the most convenient, economical, and accessible modes of transport, Indians mostly prefer train travel. Quality food service makes the Indian rail the best mode of public transportation. The RailRestro is the initiative to make so.

RailRestro- the Story Behind the Food- Tech Startup 

Sharing the travel story of the food-tech startup, the CEO & Founder of multiple e-commerce companies says “From the very start, I used to love traveling by train. Looking outside the window, continuously changing landscapes, reading books on the train, and listening to my favorite old-song playlist, all give me so much peace. But what I used to miss on the train was my favorite food. Pantry cars used to have very limited options. Moreover, the station outlets don’t maintain proper hygiene.

Considering the problem, I started observing the travelers and found the same case with different passengers. Homemade food gets contaminated because of temperature changes in different regions. In addition, people can’t step out at all stations to buy food for their journey. Since the halt time can be very less. To bring out the solution, I discussed the matter with my wife-cum-friend SumanPriya and came up with the idea to introduce ‘Restaurant of Rail – the RailRestro’.”


RailRestro is an online platform to order restaurant-style food on train and get it delivered right at the train berth. The platform is associated with different restaurants of several cities that prepare food for rail passengers and pack it nicely, from where a delivery person of RailRestro takes it and delivers the food safely on time to the Rail Passengers at their berth.

The Vision of the CEO for the Food Company RailRestro 

Presently, RailRestro serves varieties of food on 450+ railway stations in almost every zone. The company is adequate to serve toddlers milk, festival feast, diet food, pure Jain food, and even diabetic food on the train. But, there are so many things the food company needs to do that the CEO thinks.

In the near future, the company is about to bring more customized food on the train and also looking forward to introducing quality tea on the train. The vision of the director of RailRestro is to make RailRestro a brand that each rail passenger can access for food at any Indian Railway station.

With its app, travelers can book food by being on the train and even Pre-book their meal before the journey date. Looking beyond it, the company will soon launch physical kiosks on every major station. At the kiosk, passengers can ask the person to order food for them on the train. The initiative will ease rail passengers’ food ordering process and make train journeys more vibrant.


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