Manifest Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Manifest fans have been asking questions since their second season: Did the plane on Flight 828, which carried the protagonists, really crash into the ocean?

The question, without a doubt, was the big bomb dropped at the end of this second season. But until that moment, the public believed that the plane landed safely. After all, we saw it happen in the first episode, which even showed it exploding.

But in addition to seeing a piece of the plane being found at the end of the second season, we caught a glimpse of a call from Ben. In it, the character sees the plane exploding into ashes. Does this mean that the third season will reveal the shocking plane crash? And, are you going to explore what happened in these five and a half years?

Compared from the beginning with Lost , because the series involves theories and stories about a possible plane crash, Manifest should in fact incorporate the crash of flight 828.

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But if the real plane crashed, it raises serious questions about Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, Cal and all the other passengers on Flight 828 who have apparently returned. It also raises questions about the plane he came back on – the same plane that exploded at the end of the pilot episode. After all, what was that? A simple illusion? Did they come from a parallel universe?

In fact, this question about a parallel universe is something that fans of Manifest really discuss on the internet.

This theory suggests that there are several lands and, therefore, several versions of the passengers of Flight 828. The dark ray that Flight 828 encountered may have sent passengers to the wrong ground, where the plane crashed or landed safely and they met with your loved ones as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, passengers from a parallel Earth could have crossed over to the Earth where the series takes place. This would mean that Ben Stone and the other passengers who returned 5.5 years later are actually from a parallel Earth, but have not yet discovered it.

But going further on the plane crash, other theories are gaining momentum among Manifest fans . And that includes the much talked about “date of death”.

Zeke originally was supposed to die frozen. He had a year of his life back, but once that time was up, he seemed to freeze to death – which is the same situation that would have killed him in the first place. But this death did not last long, as he quickly returned alive.

So if passengers on Flight 828 follow a similar trajectory to Zeke, it looks like they will need to die to live and beat the date of death. Zeke was to freeze to death, and if passengers were to die in a plane crash, they would need to die in a similar manner before being revived as Zeke. Confusing, isn’t it?

The fact that Zeke has revived, in fact, should bring changes for the characters himself. Fans nowadays also discuss the impact this will have on not only him but also other passengers.

Zeke apparently passed the date of death. He obeyed the Callings, became a better person and accepted his destiny. However, now that Zeke has died and returned, it is possible that he no longer has the Summons.

A person can only have Calls when he lives on the time he received on loan after his disappearance. For Zeke, it was a year, and for passengers on Flight 828, it’s 5.5 years. If a person can live beyond the date of death, he may no longer have access to the Called.

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