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Malaika Arora Opens Up About Arhaan Leaving For Higher Studies And She Bids Emotional Goodbye

Malaika Arora Opens Up About Arhaan Leaving For Higher Studies And She Bids Emotional Goodbye

Malaika Arora is one of the most fittest  actress in the Bollywood Industry. The actor-host-fitness enthusiast is planning to even open a restaurant. Where people who loves fitness as well as food can enjoy healthy and delicious food. She is planning to keep the name of the restaurant as Nude Bowls. In these restaurant she will be serving delicious, nutritious and healthy food only. “There is a perception that healthy food is not delicious, or that nutritious food doesn’t taste as good. I wanted to break that myth. Food is an integral part of self-care for me and being mindful of what we eat and what we choose to expose our body to is as important as exercising for our holistic well-being,” Malaika told. 

In these long journey of life we often have to move away from our love ones in order to grow and find our paths . Parents and Kids have to part their ways which is one of the most difficult thing to do . But for the growth of the kids parents let them go and set them free.

The actress opened up about her son soon to be leaving India for higher studies.  Earlier on Instagram we saw Malaika shared a picture with a caption “As we both embark on a new n unchartered journey ,one filled with nervousness, fear, excitement , distance ,new experiences …all I know is that I am super duper proud of you my Arhaan. This is your time to spread your wings n fly n soar n live all your dreams ….miss you already.”  Malaika said that she is dealing with empty nest syndrome after Arhaan left the country. She said she got really emotional while bidding farewell to her son.

Before leaving for higher education Arhaan had lunch with his parents and spend a quality time with them. The  trio was also joined by Malika’s sister and Arhaan’s masi Amrita Arora and their mother, Joyce. The members of the Arora-Khan family were snapped by paparazzi outside a restaurant after their lunch date.

Speaking about Arhaan’s leaving, Malaika told Indian Express, “It’s definitely difficult and I am still trying to get used to him not being around. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.”

Earlier this year, Malaika had revealed that Arhaan finished his schooling last year and took a break for a year before continuing with his higher studies. Speaking with a leading daily, she had said, “I was clear that even if he does that, he should use his time well. I told him that he has to engage in various things, learn something new and not sit around wasting his time

Arhaan is Malaika’s son with her ex- husband Arbaaz Khan and they really love their son and her happy that their  son is perceiving his dreams and going for higher education. As off now Malaika did not share much about her son’s future plans .




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