Mahendra Kudiya raises the bar of quality living with ‘Gaon Dastak’

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Mahendra Kudiya

Vowing to strengthen the voice of the underprivileged, Mahendra Kudiya initiated ‘Gaon Dastak’ to showcase the stories from rural areas that needed apt attention.
From helping hundreds get employed to distributing food supplies, Mahendra initiated digital campaigns garnering support to individuals who were ousted from their jobs amidst the pandemic.
The coronavirus pandemic has been exceedingly hard for individuals across the globe, not only did it come with widened job cuts but with large food shortages, especially for the already marginalized sections of the society. Mahendra Kudiya took the stand and made efforts that gave hope to these individuals marred by economic and social constraints. He ensured that the downtrodden classes get the required support from various politicians, businessmen, and social NGOs.
With their verve to drive digital campaigns to garner support to individuals who were ousted from their jobs in the pandemic, Mahendra Kudiya not only employed more than 500 freelancers in various positions of content development, social media management, graphic designing, animation, and video editing but also helped in connecting the needy with potential employers.
Not only this, the team at ‘Gaon Dastak’ took a step ahead to arrange for food supplies at several villages to feed the needy. With such acts of bravery and social responsibility, the 24-year-old double MA in journalism Mahendra Kudiya was applauded nationally.
Today, Gaon Dastak on Youtube has a massive following and people exceedingly tune into their encouraging reporting. Hailing from a small village in Rajasthan, the news anchor cum reporter has previously been a social media strategist who has helped many celebrated individuals and political parties to get their social media plan in action, he has also worked with individuals from the Indian cricket team and Bollywood celebrities to build the online presence with their audiences.
Undoubtedly, his work towards holistic social development and moral journalism is changing the perception of media and has become the voice of the oppressed classes.

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