Mackenzie Davis: “Another turn of the screw ‘seemed like a challenge to me. It was not your typical horror movie”

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

After recently offering you a preview of Another Turn of the Screw, the horror film based on the timeless novel of the same name by Henry James, SensaCine brings you this week, also EXCLUSIVELY and courtesy of one Spain, an interview with its protagonist Mackenzie Davis ( Halt and Catch Fire, Blade Runner 2049 ). The film by Floria Sigismondi ( The Runaways ) opens in Spanish cinemas this Friday, December 11, and also have Finn Wolfhard ( Stranger Things ) and Brooklynn Prince ( The Florida Project ) in its cast.). Do you dare to enter the mysterious Bly mansion?

In the film, Davis takes on the role of Kate Mandell, a young governess who, in 1994, joins Bly to take care of little Flora Fairchild (Prince), who witnessed the death of her parents in a car accident and that, therefore, is an orphan like his older brother Miles (Wolfhard). The latter returns home from his boarding school after engaging in inappropriate and violent behavior and both boys are engaged in pranking their latest nanny. But, at the same time, there are strange presences in the building – or there seem to be – that Kate is unable to explain.

“It seemed very obvious to me that it was the inner journey of a woman,” says the also interpreter of Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) and Mars (2015) in the video that you can see above these lines. ” The idea of being able to get into the mind of a woman who has to decipher the unstable world around her seemed like an interesting challenge. It was not your typical horror movie. I love the novel. I read it many years ago, in I loved the tone that Floria and the writers wanted to give the story. It also seemed like an interesting time to revisit some of the themes in the book. ”


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In Another Turn of the Screw, Sigismondi’s role as a director has also been very important. “He’s an extremely visual person, ” Davis continues. “He thinks with images and his ideas have an atmosphere of pictures. It is a very important attribute when bringing the novel to the screen because it is an internal investigation, an attempt to clarify an inner feeling, to decipher the world that It surrounds you, and that needs a very subtle visual level. I can’t think of a better person than Floria to do it. ”

Another important challenge has been to update the original novel by Henry James, adapted on multiple occasions, as in Another Turn of the Screw (1985) by Eloy de la Iglesia or A Turn of the Screw (1992) by Rusty Lemonade. ” Floria’s ideas to adapt the Victorian themes of the novel and turn them into something current that needs to be recounted were very interesting. Especially in everything related to the toxic masculinity that is transferred between the character of Quint ( Niall Greig Fulton ) and the boy […] I liked Floria’s ideas about the social issues raised in the novel. ”

If you want to know more about this new adaptation, don’t miss its official trailer in Spanish under these lines. Its cast, among others, also includes names such as Joely Richardson ( The Patriot ), Barbara Marten ( Sanatorium ), Denna Thomsen ( Castle ), or Kim Adis ( Krypton ). Check our Billboard section to find your favorite cinema and buy your tickets. If you prefer, you can also take a look at the next theatrical releases, for the remainder of 2020 or already for 2021.

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