Mabast King – The Social Media Star With a Heart of Gold

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins
Mabast King

It would have been hard for anyone to believe if they looked at this particular earlier life story of a person, who had an ordinary life and then one day suddenly became the rising and upcoming star. A boy who had completed his education from Kurdistan and has a Bachelor’s degree from Erbil Polytechnic University, Kurdistan, his story is nothing short of a miracle. It would be nothing short of a fantasy. But when looking at the life story of Mabast King, it is nothing but really hard work and toil.

Mabast Bahaden or as popularly known as Mabast King is a popular and budding YouTuber, with more than 290K subscribers and more than 100K Instagram Followers, has a lot to share with his followers, subscribers and the world. Mabast King was born and brought up in the capital of Kurdistan, Erbil which is a region in Iraq. He had started his YouTube Channel as a fun experience, which he later realised was a platform he could do for good. He really has a very unique and strong social media presence, which he uses to communicate through his beautiful creation that his viewers seem to love and appreciate. With his creation, he wants to portray the beautiful society of his hometown and country, which the world, in general, has not seen much before this amazing YouTuber came into being. It seems that the main target audience is teenagers, who he believes is the future of the world. It could be understood through his social media handle that he wants to establish new thinking and ideas in their mind that would later be cultivated in the entire world. Through his perspective, he wants to be understood by the younger generation and then he hopes that this would help them understand the world better in a new light.

Mabast King has a strong desire to create change in Kurdish society, and he wants to bring this change through his massively growing Youtube Channel. Later in his YouTube career, he had understood that he wanted to give and teach the Kurdish society something that he believed had not existed in the Kurdish society. One of the most thoughtful things that he wanted to portray through his YouTube channel was that he wanted to keep sadness and annoyance far away from the people of his home country. He wanted to do so because the people of Kurdistan had to face a lot of hardships and sorrows for their poor financial and social conditions.

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Mabast King is truly an inspiration to everyone, it takes genuine courage and effort to do what he is trying to do. The happiness he brings to his people and country is an act of pride and joy and it definitely shows in his actions the adoration he has for his country and people. He is an inspiration to many and one can hope that with the immense popularity and views, his social media reach is only going to grow and he is going to become a prominent public figure in the world.

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