M. Michael Mitama: Encouraging Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Michael Mitama is an extremely successful entrepreneur and is the owner of a number of companies, including- HAKAI Clothing, Allineum, Theta Bionics, Crypto/NFT Marketplace, THETA432 Cyber Security, Mitama Mindset Motivational Speaking & M3 Nootropics.

He is a polymath who is internationally recognized for his strategic efforts to curb crime at various levels. He has a very business-minded approach and continues to advise countries from his knowledge and abilities. Moreover, he is also a information/cyber security expert and practices all forms of defense. Besides that, he is also a motivational speaker who motivates others to accomplish their best and become better versions of themselves. His personality is extremely magnetic and has never refrained from taking risks in his life and encourages people to do the same. He advises the next generation of leaders to be resilient and never give up, to persevere in the face of adversity, to conquer hurdles, and to break through boundaries which he attributes to ultra marathon training.

His enthusiasm for offering something new and better has propelled him throughout the years and is the secret to his success and endurance. He believes in widening his horizons and moving out of his comfort zone to achieve his life goals. He attended the University of Health Sciences in San Antonio, Texas while serving as a US Army Flight Medic after which he set on his entrepreneurial journey.

Michael Mitama is a social media influencer who utilizes his platform to share inspirational words, realistic perspectives and articles with the young in order to help them build a brighter future and perceive themselves in a positive light. He has over 560K followers on Instagram and some of which he has assisted in being better versions of themselves. He is selfless and believes that inner freedom is the key to clarity of the human experience.

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From a spiritual standpoint, M. Michael Mitama’s self awareness transcends consciousness taking one deep into their soul to their most innate being. He believes that the physical world is individual to everyone and a perception carried by one and in some a reflection of paternal nurturing that can influence one’s identity into adulthood or their entire life. His challenging perspectives help those reflect on what is necessary to reveal the true inner self.

From a cyber security perspective, Michael believes that his company, THETA432, continuously strive for improvements, increase value, and creatively constructs a culture of accountability. M. Michael Mitama’s newest business, Theta Bionics Corporation, intends to provide SmartTech Prosthesis to children and families who cannot afford the necessary prosthetic equipment.

Currently, M. Michael Mitama trains in counter terrorism with SWAT teams around the world and has many awards for assisting in counter intelligence operations and humanitarian aid.

Not bad for a spiritual computer geek who can defend against hackers and physical combat.

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