Lupine the Netflix series is a hit around the world

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

It had been a while since Omar Sy had taken part in a series . That’s why it’s nice to see him collaborate with Netflix . Indeed, for a few days, the series Lupine , in which he plays the main role, was released on the platform. Well the success is already there.

At the same time, when we see the promotion to which the project was entitled , we cannot really be surprised. The streaming platform has continued to highlight its new baby.

Whether through commercials or posts made by the biggest stars. All of Omar Sy’s friends have made it known that they will be watching Lupine . Whether it’s Gims or other rappers, or many actors from around the world.

If some still do not know what it is, know that the series traces the story of a thief of modern times. Hence the name of Lupine , the famous thief of the writer Maurice Leblanc. While there was a lot of criticism, a lot more praise was being received.

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The huge numbers recorded by the series will probably not lead us to say the opposite.


Indeed, if some were skeptical at the idea of seeing Omar Sy play the thieves, the figures speak for themselves. Because it is not only in France that the success is felt , but indeed in the whole world

As Télé-Loisirs notes , Lupine is leading in no less than eleven countries The media indicating the countries in question ” the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Belgium, Germany , Italy,  Morocco and the Netherlands ” .

It remains to be seen whether the first place will be able to hold for many more weeks. But also, if season 2 will experience the same success . Because yes, a season 2 would indeed be in preparation. At least that’s what the rumors say.

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