Lupin Part 2: Netflix Launches Intense Trailer And Release Date Of The Next Episodes

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

The Netflix streaming platform premiered the French mystery series Lupin in the first days of January 2021, which is based on the story of the thief Arsène Lupine, the character who appears in the novels of the French writer Maurice Leblanc.

The Lupin series has become a huge success since its premiere on Netflix, reaching 70 million households within just four weeks of hitting the platform.

Late last month, in the face of desperate fan requests for new episodes, the streaming giant promised to launch the second wave by the summer of 2021.

Now, today Netflix has released an intense trailer for the second half of season 1 of Lupin, the drama starring Omar Sy that will hit fan screens.

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The next episode will resume directly after the events of Episode 5 and the kidnapping of Assane’s son Leonard, who will take revenge against Hubert and the Pellegrini family.

Lupin Part 2 promotional trailer released by Netflix

The second half of the first season of Lupin is directed by Ludovic Bernard and Hugo Gélin, and will also feature five episodes just like the first installment.

Although the Netflix platform did not specify the release date of the second part, fans are preparing to receive the next episodes in summer 2021, of the series whose official synopsis describes the following:

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