Lupin Part 2: More Updates Regarding The Cast, Plot, Trailer And Release Date For Fans.

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

The French heist drama returns with five episodes in Lupin part 2

The gentleman burglar is back! Lupin part 2 is coming to Netflix, although not when fans could wish. The French heist drama streamed five episodes before leaving off on a massive cliffhanger and we can not wait to see how it gets resolved.

Lupin centers around Assane Diop (Omar Sy), a swindler who draws inspiration from the character Arsène Lupin, a master thief made by writer Maurice Leblanc within his turn-of-the-century books. Assane is trying to avenge his late father, who was wrongly accused of stealing a valuable necklace from his company, the Pellegrini family.

The first part of Lupin follows Assane as he conducts a high-stakes heist, seeks more info about nefarious patriarch Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre), and balances which with caring for his son Raoul (Etan Simon) and ex Claire (Ludivine Sagnier).

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Through it all, the series flashes back into Assane’s past, from his father introducing him to the Lupin books to his teen years assembly Claire to pulling off an intrusion in plain sight.

When is “Lupin” season 2 coming out?

To clarify, season 1 of Lupin is made up of 10 episodes in 2 parts, such as five episodes at the previously published part 1, and five episodes at the upcoming part two. Each of the episodes has already been filmed, and according to the brand new trailer, Lupin part 2 is due out in summer 2021.

Regrettably, the official premiere date hasn’t been released yet, but you can bet we will be checking up on that a great deal in the months ahead of time so that we can update our calendars accordingly. And so far as a true season 2 belongs, we will keep ya posted!

Lupin Part 2

Who stars in Lupin?

Lupin stars Omar Sy as Assane, the Parisian gentleman thief who brings inspiration in the Arsène Lupin novels. Here’s a look at the star cast:

  • Omar Sy as Assane Diop, a modern-day gentleman thief.
  • Mamadou Haidara as youthful Assane Diop.
  • Ludivine Sagnier as Claire, Assane’s ex-girlfriend along with the mother of the kid.
  • Ludmilla Makowski as youthful Claire.
  • Etan Simon as Raoul, the son of Assane and Claire.
  • Fargas Assandé as Babakar, Assane’s late father.
  • Antoine Gouy as Benjamin Ferel, Assane’s close friend from his college days.
  • Hervé Pierre as Hubert Pellegrini, a business tycoon.
  • Nicole Garcia as Anne Pellegrini, Hubert’s wife.
  • Clotilde Hesme as Juliette Pellegrini, Hubert and Anne’s daughter.
  • Léa Bonneau as youthful Juliette Pellegrini.
  • Vincent Garanger as Gabriel Dumont, the commissioner of the Paris police department.
  • Johann Dionnet as young Gabriel Dumont.
  • Vincent Londez as Captain Romain Laugier, a police captain tasked with retrieving the Pellegrinis’ necklace.
  • Shirine Boutella as Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem.
  • Soufiane Guerrab as Youssef Guedira, a detective who uses his knowledge of the Arsene Lupin novels to monitor Assane’s activity.

Lupin (Part-2) all Details

It is originally a French-language series followed by a central character Assane Diop who is a Parisian Janitor. In childhood, he has gifted a novel about the French literacy character Arsene Lupin who is a real thief.

From that book, Assane was quite motivated by the personality Lupin and attained mastery about the arts of disguise and also sleight of hand and also orchestrates huge, ambitious heists with one planning to take revenge on his dad who was committed suicide in prison after instills of theft from the wealthy Pelligrini family.

The last we’ve seen that Assane was desperately looking for his young Raoul abducted from the Pelligrini family. The story gets complicated and Assane needed a detective at his rear.

The next part was teased by Netflix in March which shown that wasn’t a game anymore. Assane Quest for revenge against Hubert Pelligrini had torn his family into pieces. After his back to the wall, he needed to think about some new plan even though it can place him in danger.

It indicates the initial trailer teaser of part 2 has confirmed that Raoul, the son of Assane who will be contested by Leonard on behalf of Hubert Pelligrini who had planned to use his son as bait.

Is there a trailer for “Lupin” part 2?

The very first trailer for Lupin is finally here!

In the short clip, we see that Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre), the diabolical businessman man who framed Assane’s late dad, has abducted his son, Raoul, also plans to use him as bait to catch our hero.

We have chills just thinking about Assane’s son in the clutches of the creature. However, Pellegrini is messing with the incorrect man, since Assane vows, “If you touch my son, I’ll kill you.” Yikes!

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