“Luis Miguel, The Series”: Aracely Arambula’s Conditions To Be In Season 2

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

For some years, Aracely Arambula and Luis Miguel lived an intense love story, of which the main details have been kept to protect their privacy and that of their children. However, the veil could be drawn soon, when the second season of ” Luis Miguel, the series ” hits the screens.

In an interview he gave to the “Ventaneando” program, Guillermo Pous, the lawyer representing Aracely Arambula, revealed that the actress has put some conditions on the production of ” Luis Miguel, the series ” so that they can use her image when Some time ago he mentioned that ” in no way do I want to appear or have a reference to me in the series .”

If the talks come to fruition, the actress could be represented in the second installment of the biopic. Even in a third if the story of Luis Miguel is told to date.


Guillermo Pous said that at first the production approached Aracely Arambula to ask if she could appear in the series, however, she refused. Later, the actress approached him for guidance on this issue.

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“They met on one occasion with Mrs. Arambula and the position of the woman was very clear, in no way did she want or have a reference in the series and it was later that she asked me to interfere and I had some talks with the producer”, Guillermo Pous said.

The lawyer confirmed that the production of Luis Miguel, the series seeks that in the future Aracely Arámbula appears in history.

“What they want is that Mrs. Arámbula appears through the script and then we negotiate the appearance of her image, which is normal and fair. It is a fundamental piece for this narrative, it is the cherry on the cake that would allow us to humanize the character and give it that stability ”.

Due to this, Aracely Arámbula has put some conditions to appear in the series such as being able to interpret herself.

“A negotiation for the use of their image is that the contents and the way in which the story is going to be told are supervised. Mrs. Arámbula herself says it, it is a beautiful story that is not wasted to be told as it was so that it does not become fiction and that it is she who plays the role of Aracely Arámbula “, commented the lawyer.

If the production of the series does not accept the conditions that Aracely Arámbula has set, Guillermo Pous mentioned that they could seek a way to claim the use of the image, as well as a financial reward.

“The use of the image does not imply the use of the real name, it is enough that the name, attitude, stages, anecdotes can be identified, the entire visual structure implies a use of an image that can be claimed and financially gratified regardless of what they narrate in the series, whether it is true or false ”, added Guillermo Pous.

According to the lawyer, Aracely Arámbula seeks to protect the integrity of her children and receive natural compensation for the use of her image. Even, to everyone’s surprise, she left open the possibility “that it is she who plays the role of Aracely Arámbula in this biographical series. ”

“She is open to participate in the use of her image in the bioseries, as long as they are in the terms that professionally suit her”, concluded Guillermo Pous.

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