Lucifer season 5: the devil ready to have children with Chloe?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The Devilish Series is one of the hugely successful Netflix series. If the show now has 5 seasons and a 6th promise, we almost never got there.

Indeed, after season 3, the producers decided to stop the Lucifer series . And for good reason: it had a fairly difficult start.

Viewers didn’t get hooked on the diabolical plot . As for the critics, they were not kind to the interpreter of the devil, Tom Ellis.

Netflix will ultimately save the series. Today she can count on a fan base who are impatient to see the sequel.

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They are then very numerous to follow the adventures of Lucifer Morningstar. We then discover him in the shoes of a detective motivated to solve criminal cases.

The young man also has to face his feelings for the very pretty Chloe Decker. This is played by actress Lauren German.

Indeed, since the beginning of the series, the devil is vulnerable when he is near the young woman. Besides, he is bleeding and can even risk death when he is by his side.

However, the handsome man puts himself in danger from the very first episode of the series. He indeed saved Chloe. Besides, he should have died at that time! An inconsistency that does not pass too much with the fans. And several theories do not take long to emerge.


So what appears to be an inconsistency is quickly understood by fans. Indeed, they understood that for Lucifer to be vulnerable, he must first be in love with the young woman.

So this was not the case at the beginning. But is this angelic-faced devil in danger of losing his powers? We will have to wait for season 5 to find out.

In the meantime, fans are wondering if their favorite devil can have a normal life like any human being. We think of fatherhood for example.

Lucifer can -it have children? At the moment, it seems that there is no reason that could prevent him from becoming a dad.

Indeed, in the series the angels can procreate with human beings. This is the case for example of the angel Amenadiel who is the father of Lina Martin’s baby, Charlie.

It is therefore not impossible to see the devil become a dad in his turn. It remains to be seen if he wants it! And that’s another story.

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