Lovepreet Singh Aka Lavie Reshaping The Punjabi Music Industry

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Aka Lavie

Punjabi music industry has never failed to surprise its audience. This industry has not only been the one to entertain people with new songs from time to time but has also given opportunities to number of talented artists all over India. Punjabi music industry has made dreams come true.

One among many names is LAVIE, a young rising artist. Lovepreet Singh was born and brought up in fathegarh sahib. He was born on 12th of February 1998. He developed a keen interest in music at a young age. As a child he grew up writing and developing lyrics. His writing interest soon transfigured into a singing career. He struggled for a while during the initial days of his career yet not giving up on his dreams of becoming a star. His work overtime caught attention of many. His continues efforts lead to make big decisions.

This young star hit his first debut video song “SCREENSHOT” that caught the eye of a large number of audiences on the internet. SCREENSHOT hit up to 43k views within short span of time. The music to his first hit song was provided by HIGH HEAD which also had a impressive video that both edited and directed by Channi. Lovepreet did not stop here. He released his next song “NO TRUST” within 3 months from his last song. All his projects were worked on with MOFO RECOREDS. LAVIE is not only a singer but also a writer, composer and music producer in himself. His songs not only hit views on platforms like YouTube but also gave unputdownable Reponses on other social platforms namingly spotify, apple music etc………

This young artist has greater plans for future. Despite just starting his career as a singer he is already winning hearts. Loverpreet singh (LAVIE) is already working on new projects with sensational singers. His new songs include great singers already ruling over the Punjabi music industry which will come to be a surprise to its audience. 

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This young singer never fails to surprise the industry.

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