Love is in the Air: Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s Offscreen Chemistry Fuels Romance Rumors

Love is in the Air: Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's Offscreen Chemistry Fuels Romance Rumors


Online rumors of a hot affair between Sydney Sweeney and the recently single Glen Powell are rife! With their unmistakable off-screen chemistry, these two stars of the forthcoming romantic comedy “Anyone But You” have been lighting up screens. And trust me when I say that the proof is mounting quicker than you can say “relationship goals.”


Obsessed fans have been investigating and have found shocking happenings that have stoked rumors. Everything began with Powell’s recent breakup, which stoked the rumors. But there’s more! When Powell’s ex-girlfriend chose to stop following Sweeney on Instagram, the narrative grew more complicated. Talk about some intense drama on social media!

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Sweeney and Powell are the most recent power couple to win our hearts with their undeniable chemistry off-screen. They were even mockingly compared to the famed team of Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain by movie reviewer Zoe Rose Bryant on Twitter. Do you recall when Chastain and Isaac made headlines for their tender gestures while promoting “Scenes From a Marriage”? Well, it appears that Sweeney and Powell have borrowed a leaf from their book!


Let’s not overlook some more well-known pairs of co-stars whose on-screen connection gave rise to romance rumors. Who can forget Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s electric chemistry in the 2018 adaptation of “A Star is Born”? Everyone’s hearts raced during their performance of “Shallow” at the Academy Awards, and the media couldn’t get enough of it.


And who could forget about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s famed relationship? On the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” the chemistry between the actors ignited, and the result was a real-life love tale that captivated the entire globe.


Some even claim that reports of a romance are an indication that the film will be successful. A joker on social media said, “If a rom-com has cheating allegations before it, it’s going to be a hit.” Hey, with all the excitement around Sweeney and Powell, “Anyone But You” really does seem promising!


So mark your calendars because “Anyone But You” will only be released in theaters. Fans are already awaiting the release with anticipation thanks to a teaser that Sony Pictures unveiled at CinemaCon.


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