‘Love Is In The Air’: Is Telecinco’s New Turkish Telenovela Worth It?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol
love Is In The Air

A new series has arrived on the television grid for the enjoyment of Turkish lovers. Love is in the air is the fiction that has just been incorporated into the nights of Telecinco and, if you have already enjoyed Pájaro soñado or Fatmagül, perhaps you should take a look at this story. What is it about? How many episodes does it have? When is it issued? Here we collect the data so that you decide if it is worth seeing.

Love is in the air stars Eda, a girl who wants to become a landscape architect. She has not had anything easy to achieve her dream, since her parents died when she was very young and she has been able to carry out her studies thanks to the scholarships. In her last year of university, Serkan Bolat appears in her life, a member of a wealthy family who disrupts all her plans and takes her to work as a florist in her aunt Ayfer’s shop. However, it could also be your lifeline, since you have a reputable architecture studio.

Those who have already seen it assure that it is not a romantic comedy to use. “Eda is very confident and powerful. She is not the typical girl of romantic comedies. Serkan is not interpreted as someone disrespectful towards Eda”, reads the criticism of an IMDb user. In addition to highlighting Hande Erçel’s role as a strong and independent female lead, critics believe that her chemistry with Kerem Bürsin is what really hooks the viewer. “The actors make a perfect match. I think the characters are very funny and they can tell a lot about their past, interests, and dreams. Very well written ”.

In addition, Hande Erçel, the actress who plays Eda, is an old acquaintance of the house. She also headlined the cast of Hayat: Love Without Words.

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At the moment, 26 episodes have been broadcast in Turkey. In Spain, we can see them all but in a different way. Due to its long duration – reaching 120 minutes – the Spanish network has decided to divide each chapter into three parts, so here it will be a 78-chapter fiction.

The series is broadcast on Telecinco on Wednesdays at 10 pm, but the episodes are repeated from midnight. They are also available on Divinity in the afternoon, so you have no excuse if you want a good dose of romance with all the script twists of Turkish fiction.

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