Love is Blind Season 2: Read More To Know About Everything About This Series

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Fans have fallen in love with Netflix’s new dating series Love Is Blind pretty much overnight.

The three-week series, which entails contestants dating from individual pods using a wall between them, has got everybody talking.

Although couples do not get to see each other before somebody puts a ring on it, we’ve seen contestants drop the L-bomb and discuss future plans together with each other in some days, then get married in under three months – as seen from the finale.

The show has caused such a frenzy, viewers have predicted for now two, and it sounds like they may be in luck with the show’s founder hinting at another series.

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Will There Be A Season 2 Of Love Is Blind?

It’s looking very probable that fans could see far more of this crazy dating series on Netflix, as the show’s creator Chris Coelen desires 11 longer series.

Chris talked to and informed the book that there’s a”100 percent” chance of Love Is Blind season 2.

“I wish to visit a season 2 or a season 12. Do not you?” He said, before admitting he could see the series running for 15 or even 20 seasons.

The show’s black horse Rory Newbrough – who was left from filming the series – has also been revealing some clues about another series.

Through an episode of the podcast The LovePod, ” he told listeners who productions on the show haven’t only been citing their desire to get another season, but have already discussed the possibility of expanding to different cities and potentially other countries too.

When Season 2 Of Love Is Blind Out On Netflix?

Since the streaming service remains to confirm a second series, there are no set release date yet for longer episodes.

Netflix usually waits a few months before announcing the future of its original shows, providing the service time to check at the show’s evaluations and overall recognition.

Having said that, following the massive success of series one, it’s very unlikely that Netflix wouldn’t renew it.

So, fans should expect to hear more about the show’s future from around May 2020.

And it is possible series two could be penalized as the very first series – that was created by Kinetic Content – was filmed as far back as October 2018.

Paria Sadighi, a producer on the series, stated: “We’re optimistic to get a season two! It’s been SO incredible partnering with Netflix on a show we all love a lot.”

Where Will Love Is Blind Season 2 Be Filmed?

Love is Blind Season 2

Series one of this show was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia in the united states and Coelen has confirmed that the notorious pods remain in the habit set where we first met our season one couple.

Can they make a return to their initial location?

What Time Will The Next Episodes Of Love Is Blind Be On Netflix?

Five episodes in the first series were released on Netflix a day before Valentine’s Day (February 13) and are currently available to stream straight from the website.

Another set of episodes dropped on the streaming website on February 20, along with the grand finale followed on February 27.

The next episode is going to be a teaser series, which will air on the streaming site on March 5.

Fans are hoping the series will finally answer all their queries – the main one being whether the couples are still together.

What’s Happened So Far On Love Is Blind?

The couples appeared to be in very different stages of their connection by the ending of episode five.

While Lauren and Cameron, Amber and Barnett and Kenny and Kelly appeared to be going quite easily, there was a little bit of drama for another couple.

Originally, Damian did not want to inform Giannina why he had been happy to”escape” house life, which bothered her.

However, he finally confided in her and it seems to have brought them closer.

Things were not going too well between Jessica and Mark either, as Jessica was unable to get back her connection with Barnett, who she’d previously been getting to know.

She also removed her engagement ring because she was not convinced about their future, but still wants to give her relationship with Mark ago.

Meanwhile, Carlton and Diamond were the very first couple to depart the show way before filming ended in the episode, after a debate made them realize that they were not right for one other.

Nevertheless, the couple were sent on a romantic visit to Mexico, and then made to check their connections in the real world by living together and planning their upcoming nuptials.

Their wedding finally came in episode 10, but it wasn’t a happy ending for everyone, with only Amber and Barnett and Cameron and Lauren making it down the aisle and leaving the series as husband and wife.

We suppose all will be shown about the reunion show!

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