Love Alarm season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Updates


Netflix dropped the official trailer for Love Alarm season 2,  Love Alarm is a love drama set in an alternate reality with Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram in lead characters.

It’s based upon the eponymous webtoon, in which folks discover love, via a program that informs users whether somebody inside the neighborhood of a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. The very first season researched the love triangle involving Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun), Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang), and Lee Hye Yeong (Jung Ga Ram), as they navigate their way through the love program and the complex feelings of their heart.

Love Alarm season 2 Trailer

The trailer opens with the noise of this love alarm going away since Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) ends around. We watch Jo-Jo and Hye Yeong (Jung Ga Ram), bond happily with each other. As they devote time together. He shows her notification on the love alert program and says that she might enjoy him, to that Kim So Hyun smiles.

She, however, fails to turn on the love talk in Hye Yeong’s existence. In another scene we see heartbroken Sun Oh (Song Kang) and Kim So Hyun’s accompanying voice-over where she regrettably clarifies, “Sun Oh remains the person who sets off my alarm ” Sun Oh inquires Hye Yeong if Jo Jo is ringing his adore alert or not to that Hye Yeong answers, it is irrelevant since he is going to be awaiting her. We see Jo Jo captured in the endless difficulty between appreciation versus friendship and head versus heart, as she proceeds to spoil her true feelings.

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Love Alarm season 2 Release Date

Not only to give up readily, Sun Oh declares, “I’ll hear what your eyes tell me now on.” as he proceeds to kiss her. The stressed trailer ends up with Jo Jo, exclaiming, “Would you inform me? Who would I enjoy?” Love Alarm season 2 will premiere on March 12 through Netflix.

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