Lost movie review: Yami Gautam can’t rescue this ambitious but flawed film

Lost movie review:

In the movie “Lost,” the intriguing build-up ultimately leads to a lacklustre climax. It leaves the audience with numerous unresolved inquiries, making it a rare occurrence of recent viewing experience. The film directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and Starring Yami Gautam has an interesting premise that fails to make a strong impact on the significant issues it presents. Despite building anticipation for a potentially stunning revelation, the movie’s final outcome disappoints in its lack of surprise for the audience.

The Lost storyline fails to engage audience

 Shyamal Sengupta and Ritesh Shah have written the story. But the story has numerous loose ends that are hard to ignore. The film’s pacing fluctuates without much consideration for keeping the audience engaged. However, the editing by Bodhaditya Banerjee feels disjointed in some areas, with an abrupt transition between scenes.

Although the script of the film leaves much to be desired, there are a few noteworthy performances. Yami Gautam effortlessly embodies her role as a crime reporter and maintains control throughout the emotionally charged scenes. Rajeev Khanna is striking as a charismatic politician, demonstrating a firm grasp of his character that leaves the viewer wanting more. Aniruddh Dave’s performance is delightful, with his character offering sage advice to Gautam’s character during her moments of indecision. Their scenes together are the most touching and memorable parts of the movie. While Pia Bajpiee’s character has potential, there is a lack of depth in her portrayal of Ankita. Arjun Bhoopalam’s character, unfortunately, is underdeveloped and his scenes with Gautam fail to make an impact on the overall narrative.

“Lost,” released on ZEE5, appears to be a movie struggling to find a purpose, incorporating themes such as political and police corruption, casteism, journalistic ethics, Maoist movements, street theatre, and marital conflicts. Strangely, the story neglects to include a common antagonist such as a real estate developer. The movie seems to have been condensed from a web series, resulting in a loss of character development, definition, and critical plot links.

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If there is any reason to watch “Lost,” it would be for Yami Gautam’s impressive performance, as she remains faithful to her craft and delivers an exceptional portrayal. However, apart from her acting, the film seems to embody its title and falls short in terms of overall quality.

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