Lizelle D’Souza loses 40 kilos: Opens up about her drastic weight loss transformation

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Lizelle D’Souza is Remo D’Souza and he gave a big shout out to his wife on Sunday for the massive weight loss transformation. “It takes a lot of hard work to get there, but the biggest battle is with yourself and I have seen Lizelle D’Souza fighting that battle and achieving what was impossible,” Remo had expressed all of this as he shared a picture of his wife’s makeover. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Lizelle D’Souza chronicles her inspirational weight loss journey.

Lizelle quotes:

“I lost 15-20 kilos in my first year”

It was 2018 in the month of December, I finally decided that it was high time and that I should take things into my hands. After having this thought I immediately messaged my trainer whose name is Praveen Nair and said that till you don’t make me lose weight, I a never gonna accept the fact that you are the best trainer. So, in January 2019, he started me off with intermittent fasting. Since I was travelling to London for the shoot of ‘Street Dancer’, I was dieting on the go and went off carbs too. I followed that for 15 hours and pushed it to 16 hours. Prashant’s wife Mehek was accompanying Shraddha (Kapoor), so she kept a close eye on my food. In the first year, I lost around 15-20 kilos.

“During the lockdown, I pushed my intermittent fasting to 20 hours”

In June, we started pushing with weight training and diet. People started noticing a major change in my weight post-June. Luckily we have a gym set up at home so I was working out during lockdown, too. I was weight training, doing intermittent fasting and eating all homemade food. Remo and I made it a point to take evening walks in our building compound. I pushed my intermittent fasting to 18-20 hours and would eat one meal a day. As for my cheat days, everyone is scared about it because they are like a feast for me. I don’t binge on pizzas and burgers but I am more for chaat, paani-puri and Sindhi kadhi. I also do a Keto cheat wherein I call for a Keto ice cream or a Keto pizza.

“I went from 105 kilos to 65kgs”

A lot of people advised me against my diet, everyone has a different perspective. But I feel it is all about how your body reacts. I have realised in this journey that people make a lot of mistakes by combining everything together. After Remo fell ill last year, I too went off Keto, I thought of doing a liquid diet, a calorie deficient diet and tried everything. You cannot diet for three months and then leave, even though I had made the same mistakes, I know how to handle it now. And I think Keto works the best. It is high fat but my intake is through Greek yoghurt, avocado and I drastically lost 8-9 kilos. Altogether I managed to go from 105 to 65 kilos.

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“I put on six kilos last year after Remo fell ill”

After Remo fell sick last year, I put on six kilos but now I know that I can lose them. I think after Remo’s heart thing everyone was like, ‘you are doing Keto, it is high-end fat’, even after the vaccine people started scaring me, ‘the blood thickens and with that, you are doing a Keto diet’, so I went a little easy. It is just that with Covid and all, everyone has been behind my back not to diet. Also, your body gives you signals if something is not going right. I was getting a few vertigo issues, so I thought maybe it is because of my strict diet. So I went slow, for Ganpati too, I took a break for three days.

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