LEVERAGE THE GOD IN YOU : Tune in with the Cosmic Synchronicities of Evolving Scientific Paradigms & Timeless Spiritual Wisdom, and attain Eternal Bliss

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

This book takes you through one of the deepest and the broadest explorations on Self Inquiry. The quest goes on till you fully realize your INFINITE Potential, to the extent that you precisely see you are God. And once you see and realize your true Identity – God, it’s easy thereafter… You can unleash the INFINITE in you to attain peaks in all dimensions of Life viz Relationships, Career, Leadership, Health, Prosperity, Happiness, Freedom & every aspect under the Sky. And even Beyond… !!! During this Quest, we would also keep an eye on the Scientific Tracks (both their parallels and their junctions with the Spiritual paths), to draw insights from them, till the point where Science surrenders. Notwithstanding, this book systematically demonstrates that to unleash the INFINITE in us, the route of Science falls short, as SCIENCE is bounded by the inherent limitedness in its modality (as declared by SCIENCE itself. And we appreciate this modest surrender of Science). But we humans, being inherently INFINITE, can’t restrict ourselves to the diminutiveness of SCIENCE, and hence wouldn’t surrender on our Quest. We would continue our Quest till we find convincing answers and solace in the INFINITUDE of Timeless SPIRITUAL WISDOM to appease our Intellect and Soul ( while appreciating the best of the Theories that our Limited Science has given us so far and being equally mindful of the fact that the versions of reality, as presented to us through the limited faculties of Science have always been ever-changing).


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