Kokila’s book “once, was loved by my fate” published under Clever Fox Publishing

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Interviewer PR

Women needed to choose between one thing that really matter, the love of her life and the other is the future promises she made, to be honest from the author’s point in the book, the decision was easy…..

Kokila the renowned author of her first creation with Clever Fox Publishing. Her book “Once, was loved by my fate” is about her key player explained to be depicting most other women today who are uncertain to make their choices in their life; Explained to meet the society’s parameters.

The creation is a subtle story with incidence of portrayal. The thorough knowledge about the keys keeps us posing on their shoes; getting through the underlying gist. The sudden demise of the close people in the journey is managed to explain the in-ability of the key player to sustain the next move which was the last trump left for the rest of her life. The virtuous fact from behind the story is as expressed from the reader’s point of view now, women leave their priorities, their loved ones, their comfort zone to keep up their promises as a promising mother, sister, friend and all the other form of women we come across.

Talking about the book, Author Kokila on her words, “I am happy to share my first book with you; this is a unique story that will help people to know about life and how it could be unpredictable. I ve always thought of writing that would inspire people and add value to their life. Through this book I could bring out no matter how people are close to you, only thing remains through the death is fate”. 

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She further added, “I believe in writing in the night time was best to linger the ideas in the silence of moon light, with this thought I’ ve written this book in the peace of night making sure the reader enjoys the book and share the same among themselves. In an idea of expecting positive reviews; this envisions to publish more books for which I ve already stared my work.

This book will leave you with more surprising questions and will help you understand how your fate works. If you want to know the detailed portrayal of the story to check out in Amazon and Clever Fox Publishing website to grab your copy.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9393229295?ref=myi_title_dp

Clever store link:  https://www.cleverfoxpublishing.com/product/once-was-loved-by-my-fate/

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