Know More About Stunning Interior Of Malaika Arora Home

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry
The Stunning Interior Of Malaika Arora's Home

Malaika Arora gave a sneak peek and kind of teased her Instagram fam with a little glimpse of her Mumbai house. She posted the picture a day later from her Mumbai home. Pictures that she posted are still trending on social media a big time.  Miss Arora shared a picture of a corner and another sot of the centerpiece with some flowers placed on it. “Home,” she simply captioned a picture that she shared her Instagram story.

Her designer home was the one doing the talking so there was no need for her to give an eye-catching caption. The home decor itself was eye-catching. The other one required no caption. Her home’s decors and the corners of the house looked so lavish yet so unique in themselves.

Earlier, the actress had posted her rendition of the viral Touch It challenges that she took with her sister Amrita Arora. She posted a ROFL video of it on her profile. Succumbed. Hips don’t lie,” she wrote posting this video with Amrita and added the hashtags #shutup #reels #reelitfeelit.” She is lively and a free-spirited person she does what her heart feels like, she is a modern woman so she keeps that touch in whatever she does.

Malaika’s fashion sense in interior design and outfits

Malaika Arora is one of the favorites of the netizens because she is a trailblazer. Malaika as said by Miss Malini takes her ramp to reality fashion quite seriously. And we have always spotted her with fabulous and laters trend in the industry.

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Every fashion geek regardless of age love to follow her style. Arora loves to experiment as being a trailblazer means she is very much open to experimenting with the latest fashion trend. But that is not all, she is even experimental with silhouettes, colors, and styles. She is very daring and quite bold and she effortlessly aces any style.

If one thing you should know about Malaika is that she is a Gucci Girl. Malaika is a big Gucci fan and we have seen her sport the luxury brand many times. Many people are Gucci obsessed, to be honest, because of her fabulous style. Not only flaunting luxury things and outfits, which obviously she is absolutely great at it.

But she is a pro at styling basics also. Whether it is a simple white shirt, graphic tee, or a casual ganjee, Malaika is pro when it comes to styling them like a fashionista. She is an instant inspiration for our regular OOTDs.

Malaika Arora loves shimmery and we are totally into her being in love of the shimmery. Her theories about shimmers and shines are always fine. She doesn’t shy away from wearing the shiniest outfit in the town. She does not bother about stands out so much that sometimes it seems weird, rather she styles it in such a way that it becomes a trend.

This is what fashion is about if you stand out but you don’t know how to carry yourself well with the clothes it is of no use. But even if you wear the weirdest of fashion sense but have the guts to carry the clothes out well, then it becomes a fashion trend. This is what she does most of the time.

By her absolutely gorgeous fashion sense, we can only make out that her interior design sense is also as fantastic. That is the sole reason why her house is as styled and loved by her fans like her outfit.

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