Know More About Maihar Temple History And Location

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Maihar Temple

Maihar is the most famous district in Madhya Pradesh, India. The location is renowned for its temple of Goddess Sharda, and the Maihar Temple is situated on Trikuta hill. The story behind the name Maihar is that when Lord Shiva was looking at their dead mother, Goddess Sati, the necklace of her fell, and from that time, this place is popular with the name Maihar.

This is a Sanskrit word that means Mai= mother and har = necklace. Locals tell the story that Alia and Udai were the warriors who fought with Prithvi Raj Chauhan. They bother worshiped the Sharda Devi when they first saw the Sharda Devi goddess in the remote forest. They called her Sharda Mai and till that time, the name became popular, and now also many people call Mata Sharda Mai.

Alha Pond is situated behind this Maihar Temple and hill. 2Km far away from this pond, one skhara is situated where Alha used to practice wrestling. Many locals state that Alha was the true devotees of Sharda Devi, and he came at 4 AM for the worship of Mata.

Maihar Temple History

The history of this place belongs to the Paleolithic age. This has been near 407 square miles.  The River Tamsa waters this location. In the year 1896-1897 suffered from famine, and later on its place become the East Indian Railway station, it has a line between Jabalpur and Satna. MaaSharda Devi temple is the most popular place to visit in this place. This is 5Km away from the actual station.

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People have to take 1063 steps to reach the hill. Though, the government has arranged a ropeway as well if people cannot walk to the top of the hill. Furthermore, the Gola Math temple is another popular temple in the Maihar, which is dedicated to Shiva. This temple’s construction is done in the Nagara style, which was constructed in the kalchuri period. Many locals state that the construction of this temple was completed in one fortnight.

Allauddian Khan is the most famous person and won the Padma Vibhushan as well. He has chosen this Maihar city as his hometown. He was died in this place and buried according to his last wish. Furthermore, the BadiMai temple is another attraction of the Maihar city, which makes it popular along with Maihar Temple. In July and August, heavy rainfall generally occurs in this place and should be avoided for coming. Other than that, though, one can visit this at any point in time.

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