Know More About Kongka La Pass At Ladakh And Police Party Massacre

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Kongka La Pass

The Kongka La pass is considered to be the borderline with India by the Chinese whereas India considers the Lanak Pass situated further in the east of the area. The Mountain is located at an elevation of 17000 Ft from sea level. It is a pass between India and China at the border of Ladakh in Chang- Chemno Range.

Kongka La Pass Police Party Massacre

The Kongka La Pass is known for the engagement of Patrolling officials in that region. The incident happened in 1959, where the Indian Police patrolling team was being ordered to establish the post on the Indian side of the pass in the hot springs and other nearby regions. The Police patrol was led by Karam Singh, who sent two of the officers for the area exploration for further movement to the next location went missing. On the other day, the search party was sent to find the officers as the changes of Chinese presence in the region were judged.

The team encountered the Chinese police at the pass and there was an engagement between them which led to a gunfight. The Chinese being on the high rise had an undue advantage and the engagement led to the sacrifice of 10 Indian soldiers and the other 7 being taken as prisoners. The bloodshed done by the Chinese faced huge criticism on the global stage. This is due to this event contributing to the rigidity between the countries rose and that led to the Indo-China war in 1962.

The Kongka La Pass History 

The Kongka La Pass has always been a point of conflict between the two countries, in earlier days of the British era, the border was considered at Lanak La between Tibet and Ladakh and mutually agreed. The paper pieces of evidence also show the same as the borderline between the two at Lanak La. But the then ruler of china, ZahiEnlai started claiming the Kongla La Pass as the borderline between them and considered the area as his part of the country. The Chinese keeping an unsolved stand over the border with Ladakh, started to build the highway in the areas of Aksai Chin. The Chinese arrested the soldiers who went into the area to investigate.

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Mysterious Activities

The Kongka La Pass area is also known for some Mysterious UFOs and unusual sightings of bright lights coming out of mountains. Few locals communicate that they have seen strange lighting in the areas of Aksai chin, where the tectonic plates of India and Eurasia converge so there can be this phenomenon or might be there is an extraterrestrial presence in the region.

How To Reach The Kongka La Pass

Since it is located in the disputed land and the tension between India and China is at its peak, the place is closed for civilians. Hopefully, it opens soon so that people can mesmerize the beauty of this place.

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