Know More About Anil Deshmukh : Money Laundering Case

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda

On April 2021 , The former  Maharastra Cabinet Minister was summoned by a case against him registered by the ED  , this happened after CBI filing a FIR  in opposition to him , with affirmations that past Shiv sena leader has leaded a police Mumbai Police commissioner Param Bir Singh to extract rupees 100 crore per month from the hotels and bars in Mumbai.

After being taken off the position of  commissioner from Mr.Singh . In aletter to mr. Udhav Thakery he spoke that the former cabinet minister of Maharastra Mr. Deshmukh had given the responsibility of extrracting money from the hotels and bars to suspended Police inspector Mr. Sachin Waze .

Mr. Anil Deshmuskh had to step down from his position in April after being part of allegations , which he has continuously denied of any misconduct from his  side.

Mr. Deshmukh property was raided by ED investigators on 25th June , after which he was being questioned and had a several hours of interaction , and his stateement was recorded . To be specefic about his statement he said that he is Law-abiding Citizen ” who has led his life in dignity and honour”. In one of his statement whhich was recorded he said that ” I am sanguine to expose the falsity, hollowness and lack of substance in the allegations levelled against me,” .

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He also stated that  he is suffering from serious health issues like “hypertension and cardiac problems” and therefore “may not be prudent or diserable to appear in person today”.

In his opposition to his statements ED officers asserted in the cout that Mr. Waze statements were recorded  before they disclosed that he extracted rupees 4.70 crore cash from thee hotels and bars owners , and the money was passed to Mr. Deshmukh’s  assintant shinde.

Mr.Deshmukh has now moved to supreme court in a look out for protection from any persistent action by the Enforcement Directorate in a money laundering case. Currently the ED has issued in total of three notices to Mr.Deshmukh.

The former minister has already skipped two earlier summons presenting the  issue of as Covid-19 in his protection for non-dherence in his last interaction with tthe agency. He alternatively suggested the ED to record his statement through video-cconferencing.

ED has issued new and fresh summons in asssociation with misconducting case registered under the prevention of  money laundering Act connected to a misconduct case of rs.100 crore bribery-cum-extraction racket .

A cop from navi mumbai also told thee ED that he has attended a meeting in the resisdence of home minister where he wass given a list of the hotels and bars and wass assked to collect rupees 3 lakh every month.

The case on Mr. Deshnukh is still on and the CBI has now taken the charge of the case . After CBI came into the play the case has taken many twist and turns. Although still no one who is the part of the case has been proven guilty and not even proven innocent. And as per the prevention of money laundering act the stateement reconded in worst cases is admissible in the court.





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