Know How to Decorate your Room: Decorating a Small Space

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Most of us have at least one small space in our homes that can be difficult to make a beautiful statement in. Here are some ideas for making small spaces look big on style

These awkward spaces often have more potential than we realize. If you have an odd, unused, or dead space in your home, perhaps it’s time to stop walking past it and instead embrace it! Home decorating ideas on a budget.

Customize Your Shelf Cupboard Room

Simple decorating ideas. Do you have a difficult corner that would benefit from custom shelving painted in a trendy green-blue? Is your forgotten under-stairs area begging to be transformed into a mood-enhancing storage cupboard? In any case, the advantage of making storage out of unused space and decorating it in an eye-catching manner is obvious.

When it comes to decorating an entire room that is on the small side, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Many of us instinctively choose white. While there are many beautiful white shades available, there are also many colours that are appropriate for small rooms.

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Play Around with Colors Get Creative

Interior decoration ideas. Play around with dark colors to add depth. We all want a nurturing, cocoon-like environment, so try rich, chocolatey Resene Monkey, calming regal navy Resene Licorice, earthy grey Resene Armadillo, or Resene Cinnamon. Continue painting your chosen color up the walls and across the ceiling for a soothing sense of security.

Add Textiles Use Mirrors light colored furniture

Home decor idaes. Table and floor lamps add tactile textures among pools of layered light. When painting a small room in a dark color, the key is to accent it with elegant items with shiny surfaces or bright colors to lift the space. Mirrors can also be used to reflect light back into the room, and the placement of light-colored furniture will help to increase the sense of space. Side or coffee tables in complementary colors, such as Resene Cargo, Resene Kilamanjaro, or Resene Clover, can be tied in.

Decorating Light Uplifting Tones To Brighten Your Space

Designer home decor. Beautiful blue-greens are ideal for creating the illusion of space in a room – try Resene Ziggurat or Resene Gulf Stream on furniture or accents, complemented by Resene Foam or Resene Jet Stream on accents. These light and uplifting tones will draw the eye out, enhancing the sense of space in a calming, tranquil manner. If you prefer sweet, creamy neutrals, brighten your space with Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta or Resene Gin Fizz to make it appear larger than it is. Decorating ideas for living room.

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