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Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Divya Dhyani is an Indian singer who sings Hindi, Garhwali, and Punjabi Songs, and she also do acting in her own songs. She has released many Garhwali Pahari music videos till now. Out of which the music video of “Mithe Shopping Kara” was a superhit, Divya Dhyani was born on 18 June 1999 to Her Father Mr Mukesh Dhyani And Mother Mrs Anju Dhyani’s House in Dehradun. 

Personal Information About Divya Dhyani


Divya Dhyani

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D.O.B :

18 june 1999

Place of birth:



Mukesh Dhyani


Anju Dhyani


Shreya Dhyani & Anuj Dhyani








Female (Straight)


Diploma in Information Tecnology

Fav Singer’s:

Neha Kakkad & Arijit Singh

Fav Actor /Actress:

Akshay Kumar & Priyanka Chopra


Singer, Actress

Relationship status:


About family

Alongwith her parents she has 2 younger sister and brother named Shreya Dhyani and Anuj Dhyani they both are in schools and completing their studies. Her Father has his Own business while mother works For an N.G.O. Basically her parents are from the village Jue, which is near by Lansedown, in district Pauri Garhwal of Uttarakhand.

Divya Dhyani Education

Divya Dhyani herself says that she was not too good in her studies but still she was one of the favorite student of her teachers. She studied At Hilton’s school dehradun till class 8th, then she did her 10th from scholar beam school Dehradun and 12th from from SGRR Patel Nagar Dehradun.

After completing her schooling she did her diploma in Information Technology from G.P.D collage Dehradun.

Divya Dhyani Job & Profession

Divya is an Indian singer who sings Hindi, Garhwali, and Punjabi Songs, and she also do acting in her own song.

She is a fun-loving girl, who use to live each and every minute of her life without any tension, she just love her family and her friends very much. As per her we get life once so, we should not to waste a single minute of it. That we will not have any regret in future.

Turning point of Her Life

Divya Dhyani says that she use to sing from her childhood and due to her interest in singing she also went to Indian idol and many other singing reality show for the auditions, but nothing happend. So, one day she decied of creating her youtube channel and she launched her first Garhwali mashup song for her youtube channel, she hardly had 12 Suscribers at that moment, but still she started uploading the song.

After uploading the song, she was disappointed as did not got the proper response as she was expecting, days passes and the till 21th day the total views were 3000. She thought that nothing is going to happen but after few more days that video song got viral, and then she was very happy as people were loving that song and then she started creating some more songs which were also been loved by her audience. But because of some family problem she quit singing for a while and then again she came up with her orignal song “Mithe shopping kara” with the very known artist Mr Rohit Chauhan and that song was a super hit of her singing career. So, now she decided to make her career in singing only.

To Know more interesting facts about Divya Dhyani

Our Question 1: What is the thing which attracts you in others?

Her Answer: The thing which attract me the most in people is their nature, character, behavior, and how they care for someone, especially elder and younger ones.

Our Question 1: Why did you chosen this field?

Her Answer: I just want to make my family and friends proud, especially my parents. I want people recognize my father with my name, and the most Important is that I want to prove everyone that Garhwali girls can also make India proud.

Our Question 3: What if you were not an artist?

Her Answer: If I would not be an artist I would love to work for an N.G.O like my mother does, and help to people who are in need. Right now I am also planning to open my own N.G.O for the people who are in need.

Our Question 4: What are Divya Dhyani’s Hobbies?

Answer: I likes to sing, dance and love to cook food for my love ones.

Our Question 5: What is your food habit?

Her Answer: I love continental food especially Italian pizza, American burger and I cant live without chocolates specially in tension and happiness. I just need chocolate to eat. 

Latest Music Video “Teri Ratan” released by Divya Dhyani

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