Khushi Panjwani – The Leading Youth Fintech Creator

Shivam Madaan
Shivam Madaan

Dr. Khushi Panjwani is the leading youth Fin-Tech Creator and Entrepreneur in India. She is also a bestselling author, keynote public speaker, investor and social preneur. Khushi is the founder of DigiXlance, a digital and influencer marketing media agency.  She is also the founder of Startmenoww, which is an incubator for entrepreneurs, and the third venture is all about wealth management, and fund allocation.

Indian Stories Live on Sunday had a great interview with the guest Khushi Panjwani. The interview premiered live on YouTube at 11 AM on 11th July 2022. The host, Piyush Dubey, also a youth entrepreneur and co-founder of PojaPath, introduced Khushi as one of the most talented youth achievers in India.

During this interview, Khushi Panjwani shared about her journey that began in 2020 to all her achievements till today. She also shared important tips and tricks for all budding entrepreneurs and people who wish to make money through stocks and finance works.

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Talking about the importance of chasing passion, she explained that just like her, who loves watching the market trading, any person who can do something without getting bored can spot his passion easily. It’s important to use your passion in the correct way to achieve big in life. In the old days, being an engineer, a doctor, or a CA was considered the only big thing, but nowadays even lip-sync video creators have enough doors to make money.

Watch Dr. Khushi Panjwani’s latest live video interview with Indian Stories Live:

Khushi Panjwani has bagged a lot of achievements and acknowledgments in her bag. When we see the list, it’s huge. To list down they are

  • Humanitarian excellence award
  • Best ENTREPRENEUR of the year
  • Rising entrepreneur of the year
  • Best ENTREPRENEUR of the year
  • Kalam Ratna award
  • Kalam world record
  • Bhartiya Youth face for a digital creator, this award was given to only 3 best creators in India, the other two were Yashraj Mukhate, and Komal Pandey.

Talking about her achievements, Khushi Panjwani said that yes, she was extremely excited for each of them, especially Bharatiya Youth Face as she shared it with the greats at a time when she had just begun, with only 1100 followers and 3 Reels to her credit.

Dr.Khushi Panjwani from India is an Entrepreneur, Bestseller author, 3xtedXspeaker, Keynote public speaker at IITs, IIITs,s and other top universities from India, She’s a Digital Content Creator, NSe-registered investor, and social preneur.

Dr. Khushi Panjwani is certainly an inspiration for the youth in India. She is a Businesswoman who earns lakhs at the age of just 20. She is one of those multitaskers who is managing everything at a pace with her dreams bound around her.

Khushi is making youth engaging and mind-blowing content around finances and stock markets. Her content stands out to be extraordinary because she puts out all the effort and gauges her audience in a polite way.

“Life increasingly appears to be impossible on all fronts without digital media and a successful online presence. The internet world is probably history’s biggest invention, resulting in a digital cosmos that may be considered a major human achievement,” said Khushi, and Piyush could not agree more.

While we’re on the subject of devices, there have been several advancements in both software and hardware. Nobody can deny that digitization has had a tremendous influence on our society.

Nowadays, it’s tough to go on social media without running across some form of content marketing. Everywhere you turn, influencers are showcasing their latest meals, apparel, cosmetic businesses, and candles, and that’s only the beginning.

Every business and company in any area needs to have an online presence and use influencer marketing. Khushi Panjwani, a successful entrepreneur who is currently pursuing MBBS to realize her childhood goal of being a hite coat woman, Doctor, was one name that surprised us throughout our research.

Khushi Panjwani is the founder of DigiXlance media agency. It is a digital and influencer marketing firm where brands focus on promoting their brands through influencers and influencers don’t have to work as hard to discover brands/businesses, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone. They aim to provide influencers with their brands/businesses and promote businesses through influencers and intent. Giving brands effortless digital guidance is part of their long-term goals.

When asked about the challenges and obstacles faced in the course of starting up as an entrepreneur. Khushi Panjwani said, “Struggles are an unavoidable part of any startup or business, but they help you shine. The major challenge I encountered was acquiring clients, but it was my “Never Give Up” mentality that helped me create income and clientele. I used to contact tens of thousands of clients and just ten would respond. So this was my trying phase, and now I’m shining brightly in here.”

Khushi also told us about her second business, Startmenoww, which is an incubator for entrepreneurs. “We help startups develop from the ground up by providing legal, digital, and technological services, as well as pitching investors and raising funds,” she informed.

Moving on towards her third venture which is: Wealth management, and Fund allocation. As we know she’s a finance enthusiast and working and building her foot in Fin-Tech which is going to change the fintech industry with her future plans.

Panjwani’s father is a successful businessman and politician, and she comes from a blended family. Despite her father’s success in business and his desire to be in the greatest position, Khushi pursued her own goals and aspired to be like her role model, her father. She is self-sufficient, self-made, and a kind supportive entrepreneur of India.

She intends to exhibit the world of banking and stock markets in the future. “In a few years, I’m going to radically transform the stock market, trading, and investment worlds.”

Khushi is out of the very few girls we see today, who are focused, determined and want to make their own name and mark in the world despite coming from a well-recognized and established family. She is an inspiration to a lot of the young girls out there.

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