Khushi Kapoor’s first try at yoga’s Warrior II on Pilates Reformer

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Khushi Kapoor is Boney Kapor and Shridevi’s younger daughter. It is no shock that she is an avid Pilates enthusiast just like her elder sister Janvi Kapoor, who is also a Bollywood actress. Both of the Kapoor sisters are often seen outside the Pilates studio in Mumbai. They even postworkout pictures and videos of them hitting on the gym at almost every day. Khushi’s latest photos of her at the gym are definitely going to motivate all of you to buckle up the shoes and do something useful all the weekends.

Bollywood’s favourite Pilates trainer who has already worked with some of the famous celebrities, her name is Namrata Purohit. Many famous Bollywood celebrities have already worked with her, with famous names such as like Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, Amit Sadh and many more.

Namrata Purohit took to Instagram recently to share the amazing pictures of Khusi Kapoor nailing the yoga pose on her own on the Pilates Reformer. The sister of famous Janvi Kapoor who is 20 years old did the Warrior pose or the Virabhadrasana II.

Namrata posted Khushi’s photos on the gram with the caption, “@khushi05k in the midst of the warrior on the Reformer! Her first try at Vinyasa Yoga on the Reformer and she did pretty well. These exercises on the Reformer require a lot of control, balance and strength.”

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Janvi Kapoor was sportily dressed in a baby pink sports bra that had racerback details on them and she wore loose baggy workout shorts, as she practised the Warrior II pose on the Reformer. Janvi sincerely did the asana on the Pilates equipment, moreover, as she started they raised the difficulty level of the exercise.

But never the less, Khushi nailed it perfectly. And according to Namrata, the yoga poses that she did, this was Khushi’s first try at Vinyasa Yoga on the Reformer. And amazingly she did it  ‘pretty well’. Vinyasa Yoga is an approach to yoga. So what happens in this yoga you may ask? In this yoga where one moves from one pose directly into the next requires control, balance, and strength.

Benefits of Warrior II pose:

How to do this pose: We start this yoga by inhaling and lifting our arms over our head, then let us bring our hands into prayer position at our chest. By taking several long, deep breaths before stepping your feet 4-5 ft. apart let us again simultaneously raise our arms parallel to the floor, palms facing down. Now le we actively reach out to the sides, drawing our shoulder blades apart.

At this point, our feet should be parallel to each other and our heels should be in the line. Now, let’s turn our left foot in slightly to the right and our right foot out 90 degrees to the right. Make sure to keep the heels in line. Now firm your thighs and turn the right one outward. Notice that everything is pointing to our right.

Practising the Warrior II pose or the Virabhadrasana II stretches hips, groin and shoulders. It helps open up the chest and lungs, stimulates abdominal organs, and improves circulation and respiration. It also energises tired limbs and develops balance and stability.

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