Khatak web series an Ullu originals.

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Khatak is an upcoming web series that is released by Ullu. Ullu at present one of the popular Indian OTT platforms. It is a series that is set in rural areas which considers love as a waste of time. The series has two main plots and also many subplots going on together. This makes the series a little confusing and harder to grasp at first. The story is somewhat not that unique but still, it manages to keep your focus on the story. It has a total number of 4 episodes and one season. It is a series that is meant for an adult audience. The series has many disturbing scenes that are not meant for the young audience.

Release Date

The makers of Khatak officially released the trailer on 1 st August 2021 and people and Ullu web series fans are super excited. The series will be premiered on 10 August 2021 on only the Ullu app.

Khatak Plot

The Ullu app is mostly known for its adult content series but this time they have come up with a different type of web series with more action, suspense and drama as well. After the release of the promo, the official date of release was also known to the audience. In the promo, we see that it will be a story of a rural area love story. It is more likely to follow action and drama themes more than anything. Like any other Ullu series this series also has adult content and is meant for an adult audience only.

The main plot of the story revolves around a girl named Preeti who is in love with a man and both want to get married. But circumstances don’t let them do what they desire and their dream gets shattered. The story is a little bit tricky as it takes time for viewers to grab the attention to the main plotline also in the trailer we see a young girl nude video was taken by a guy. The guy who shot the video makes it viral leading to the girl’s parents killing her. The series is full of mystery, action, drama, a bit of romance.

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The following are some of the actors & actresses of Khatak

  • Rajveer Singh
  • Neha Chauhan
  • Nitin Pandit
  • Rashmi Singh Somvanshi


The series is somewhat able to grab the attention of the audience but the storyline is not that unique, unlike other Ullu series. The series has many adult scenes, actions, and killing as well. The plot of the story is real at some points as people don’t accept love marriage that easily in rural areas. The struggle of being a female is very well portrayed in this series. Katak is well bland of all the three themes suspense, drama &action. If you like action-filled series and this one is for you.

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