Keanu Reeves way too attractive? The hilarious confidences of one of his co-stars

According to the confidences of an actress from the series Orange Is The New Black, Keanu Reeves is very pleasant to kiss. Yes, in addition to having forged an excellent reputation in Hollywood, the 56-year-old actor leaves only good memories to the various actresses he meets on film sets. Among them is also Rachel Weisz with whom Keanu shared the poster for the film Constantine released in 2005. Like many other actresses, the pretty 50-year-old brunette was charmed by her playmate and she did not. hesitated to admit it while promoting the film.

Interviewed by the Indie London media after the release of Constantine, Rachel shared a hilarious anecdote with her co-star. When the reporter asks her if it’s true that she was dying to kiss Keanu Reeves in the movie, here is her blunt response: “Yes, of course, it’s true. I’m trying to kiss her. throughout the movie. I think I try to get a kiss three times. He’s a loner, what can you do? He’s too lonely to kiss me. ” Unfortunately, the actress will not have had the happiness to taste the lips of Keanu Reeves who is now living a very secret story with Alexandra Grant.